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Donne Travels Archive: July 2008

  • FAMILY ON BIKES: From Tok, Alaska to The Yukon - Part 6

    Nancy Sathre-Vogel and her family, husband John and 10-year-old twins Davy and Daryl started out on June 9, 2009 from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and have ridden their bikes over 1,000 miles over the last 6 weeks, reaching the Yukon where they are now working their way down to drop into the the lower 48 states, which is anticipated for sometime in September. Here is a collection of Nancy's writing for the Month of July. Published July 22 2008

  • MOMCATIONS: On the Road Again - Part 6

    Nancy, husband John and twin 10-year-old boys Davy and Daryl left Prudhoe Bay, Alaska on June 9th. The goal is to bike 20,000 to the tip of Argentina at Tierra del Fuego breaking the Guiness Book of World Records category of youngest people to ride the Pan American Highway by Bike. Planning on celebrating their 12th journey during this quest they will be the beat the previous record holder by about 7 years! Published July 15 2008

  • When a Vacation Isn’t Just a Vacation: Voluntourism with the Culinary Corps

    As the line between work and the rest of life becomes increasingly blurred for more people, though, vacation isn’t just vacation anymore. A growing number of vacationers are no longer satisfied with the passive pleasures of sun tanning and beachside book reading; they want to be on the move. They want to get their hands dirty. And, curiously, they want to use their free time… to help others? This is the idea behind voluntourism, one of the newest and most compelling trends to emerge in travel in a long time.Photo by sparkyluma Christine Carroll , Founding Director, Culinary Corps. Published July 13 2008

  • RECIPES: Italian "Strawberry Shortcake" from Sienna Ristorante, Daniel Island, S.C.

    Pastry Chef, Caitlin Kelly, of Sienna Ristorante and Trattoria Lucca. Caitlin enjoys fusing traditional Italian recipes with local Charleston ingredients, like fresh, local strawberries. Published July 10 2008

  • When Hell Freezes Over – Airline CEO’s join together to force speculator regulations on oil

    But what is fueling these escalating oil prices. The price of a barrel from mid-eastern oil fields is a starting point, however the ATA, and the air service industry, is also placing a lot of the blame squarely on the shoulders of the speculative oil traders who can trade the same barrel of oil dozens of times, adding cost with every trade, before it is purchased by the end user. ATA vice president and COO John Meenan shares some views. Published July 10 2008

  • An open letter to all airline customers

    Last week, crude oil hit an all-time high of $146, and the skyrocketing cost of fuel is impacting our customers, our employees, the communities we serve, and the economy as a whole. United, and the majority of other major U.S. airlines, are asking our most loyal customers to join us in pushing for legislation to add more transparency and disclosure in the oil markets. Please see the attached open letter from the leaders of the U.S. airline industry. Published July 10 2008

  • FAMILY ON BIKES: The Alaskan Highway - Part 5

    They started from The Arctic Caribou Inn in Prudhoe, Alaska on June 9th and biked the Dalton Highway reaching Fairbanks and North Pole on June 26th. That is approximately 500 miles of rugged biking road. Now the Vogels have cycled the Alaska Highway, working toward Haines Junction, where they expect to arrive about July 16th. Published July 10 2008

  • DONNE SPEAKS: News and information of interest from the World Wide Web

    Donne Tempo Magazine writer Andrea Gesumaria collects news from the worlds of travel, entertainment and human interest. Published July 8 2008

  • TRAVEL: Seeking more than theme parks in Orlando, Florida

    Surrounded by water, the Peninsula that is Florida offers visitors plenty of things to do. Our thoughts immediately go to the oceans and beautiful beaches that are plentiful along the Ocean and Golf Coasts, however one of the states undiscovered joys are the estuaries – brackish water, often shallow, inlets where the sea and fresh water meet. Published July 6 2008

  • TRAVEL: SeaWorld Rescue and Rehabilitation, Orlando, Florida

    SeaWorld is a marine mammal and wildlife education and conservation facility first, theme park second. SeaWorld scientists, zoologists, rescue teams and trainers work around the world to save animals, from stranded whales to injured sea lions, while sending a steady message of conservation, research, environmental awareness and animal rehabilitation. Published July 6 2008

  • TRAVEL: Discovery Cove, Orlando, Florida

    For many the goal of visiting Discovery Cove, Orlando, Florida is a once in a lifetime chance to interact with their Atlantic Bottle-nosed Dolphins. Which is a truly remarkable experience. Published July 4 2008