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Donne Travels Archive: November 2008

  • Travel: Thanksgiving Dinner - Visit Virginia vacation spots Wintergreen Resort or Lansdowne Resort and let the Chefs do the cooking.

    Make this Thanksgiving a holiday for mom by visiting one of Virginia's leading resorts -- Wintergreen or Lansdowne -- for your holiday feast. At these quality destination properties, whether you visit for the weekend or just plan on visiting for the day, the meal preparations are easy as their chefs create sumptuous buffets and dinner menus sure to please everyone in the family. And, while the chefs are busy cooking, you can spend your time in the properties spas, relaxing by the pool or just enjoying coffee and family in these ultra-relaxing environs. Published November 15 2008

  • Travel: Atlanta's Hidden Japanese Zen Garden, The Grand Hyatt, Buckhead

    Learning about the Japanese Tea Garden tucked away in Buckhead it became an intriguing draw. Photos, however do not do this bit of feng shui heaven in Atlanta is not done justice in photos. It is an instantly pleasing spot that allows one to decompress, breathe deeply and find an instantaneous inner calm. Published November 14 2008

  • Travel: Buckhead beckons business and leisure travelers. Unexpected harmony at The Grand Hyatt, Atlanta, Georgia

    The apex of any hotel stay is always a bit of harmony. A hotel property becomes home for those nights that you are there. It is your personal space, your retreat. The goal is to find that place where from the front door to the crisp of the bed linens, it all makes one want to sigh in pleasure. This time nirvana was found on Peachtree Street at The Grand Hyatt, Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia. Published November 14 2008

  • Recipes: Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Cassis Restaurant, Grand Hyatt, Atlanta, Georgia

    A further standout dish is the Filet and Sweet Potato Gnocchi, a warm, comforting dish that combines the richness of a quality, grilled steak with the warm, smooth textures of the sweet potato and ricotta cheese. Published November 14 2008

  • Recipes: Lemon Dill Prawns, Cassis Restaurant, Grand Hyatt, Atlanta, Georgia

    Chef’s Lemon Dill Prawns feature curled ribbons of shrimp tossed in a cream sauce with hints of horseradish, lemon and dill, served with crispy strips of fried parsnips and carrot circles. Published November 14 2008

  • FAMILY ON BIKES: Road Angels - The Good Samaritans

    I’m convinced there’s an angel part of us all. Residing in some hidden recess within each of us is an angel waiting to come out. The angel sits quietly, waiting. Waiting until the time is right and opportunity is staring us in the face. And then the angel comes out. When I think back on our past few weeks on the road, what comes to mind are all the angels who have come to our aid in one way or another. Ordinary people one and all, and yet their angel side came out once they saw us. Published November 6 2008

  • Mile High Pizza Paradise - Marco's Coal Fired Pizza, Denver Colorado

    Think you've had really good pizza, the kind that hearkens back to Italy? Think again. Marco's Coal-Fired Pizza, a new pizza restaurant in Denver's ballpark neighborhood, serves up authentic Neopolitan pizza to die for. Published November 4 2008