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Donne Travels Archive: February 2009

  • Family on Bikes: Looking Back at an uneasy road.

    When I look back upon the past months on the road, I’m not sure what comes to mind first – all the bumps in our road or the days of smooth sailing. I guess I could say they both vie for my attention. The journey has had its share of challenges known and unknown. The Dalton Highway was the first. Getting through North America, dropping into South America, before January 1, was another. Published February 21 2009

  • Family on Bikes: On the Border - Los Caminos del Rio, Texas

    It was a chain reaction. You know how it goes – person A tells person B who tells persons C, D, and E. In our case, that chain reaction resulted in our most unique experiences yet. Our border adventures began with a simple email on New Year’s Day. “I’m a cyclist in McAllen,” Al wrote. “If you will be passing through here on your journey, I’d like to take you all out to dinner.” By the time we actually cycled into McAllen, the entire town had been alerted of our arrival, and we were greeted with more honks and smiles and thumbs-up that we could have imagined. Published February 21 2009

  • Travel: Jeju Island, Korea

    We had been plodding steadily up through the lush deciduous vegetation for nearly a half-hour when we finally emerged from the trees into the sun. Peeling off my damp sweatshirt, I leaned against a huge boulder to catch my breath, only to catch it again in amazement. A quarter of Jeju (Jejudo) spread out below me—most of the southern side of the island lay open like a detailed map. The sapphire-blue ocean lined the sandy beaches and spread into the horizon. I hadn’t had the chance to visit this portion of Korea’s largest island which I was now looking at from above, but Hans, an American expatriate who had lived on Jeju for nearly eight months, pointed out places where he’d been scuba diving and snorkeling, and even the soccer stadium that was used when Korea hosted the World Cup. Published February 19 2009

  • Day Tripper: Romantic Valentine's Day Destinations

    North, south, east or west, living in the Mid-Atlantic region offers year round choices of great destinations that put a bit of vacation-style fun and leisure into a day, weekend or week long trip. This month love is in the air at four great area resorts -- all within a car ride of Washington, D.C., including The Inn at Perry Cabin, St. Michaels, Pinehurst Resort, North Carolina, Lansdowne Resort, Leesburg, Virginia, and Bedford Springs Resort, Bedford, Pennsylvania. Published February 11 2009