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Fishwrap Archive: April 2007

  • Two former presidents to attend Yeltsin funeral

    Former presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton will represent the United States tomorrow at... Published April 24 2007

  • Remembering David Halberstam

    I will remember when David Halberstam made time for a nobody.\ \ Several years ago I was working... Published April 24 2007

  • Debate prep

    Interest groups will be heading south this week to get ready for the first debate of the 2008 pre... Published April 23 2007

  • Kerry and the green Capitol

    Sen. John Kerry, who has made global warming his latest crusade, announced today a bill to make t... Published April 23 2007

  • Getting political with the Sopranos

    Would Vice President Cheney help a mobster in need? Fuggedaboutit.\ On last night's episode of th... Published April 23 2007

  • Religion and politics

    Presidential candidates Sens. Sam Brownback, Kansas Republican, and Christopher J. Dodd, Connecti... Published April 23 2007

  • Bush to hear latest from Iraq

    Gen. David Petraeus, commander of U.S. forces in Iraq and the man upon whose shoulders U.S. hopes... Published April 23 2007

  • You want the Reagan comparisons, but ...

    Drudge was leading this morning with John McCain's joke about bombing Iran during a visit to Sout... Published April 19 2007

  • Specter, Gonzales get in close

    Alberto Gonzales and Sen. Arlen Specter clashed early at today's Senate hearing when Mr. Specter... Published April 19 2007

  • First cowboys, now cowgirls

    Wyoming senators sure love their cowboys and cowgirls.\ Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming) today issued c... Published April 19 2007

  • Civil rights and civil protesters

    UPDATE / 10:14 a.m.: Cindy Sheehan is among the protesters in the crowd, who have so far stayed q... Published April 19 2007

  • Good and evil and the heart of man

    There was a fascinating portion in President Bush's speech today on the genocide in Darfur, to a... Published April 18 2007

  • Peter, I'll take the center square to win

    A new Web site called Expertvoter.org has a handy page where you can link to YouTube videos of al... Published April 18 2007

  • Bush, Dems still at odds over Iraq

    No breakthroughs at the White House meeting this afternoon between President Bush and Congression... Published April 18 2007

  • Going green on the Hill

    Democrats tomorrow will outline ways to "Green the Capitol" in an effort to curb the effects of g... Published April 18 2007

  • Today, "We are all Hokies"

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stood in honor of the students and teachers killed at Virginia Tech as... Published April 18 2007

  • '08ers react to abortion ruling

    Several of the candidates running for their party's 2008 presidential nomination have already rel... Published April 18 2007

  • Edwards surging? Online at least

    John Edwards has won another DailyKos straw poll, and this one wasn't even close: \ \ - John Edwa... Published April 18 2007

  • Kerry wants Wolfowitz to resign

    Sen. John Kerry today called for embattled World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz to resign in the f... Published April 17 2007

  • Bush at Virginia Tech

    President Bush will make remarks today at a 2 p.m. convocation service at Cassell Coliseum, on th... Published April 17 2007