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Fishwrap Archive: April 2007

  • A showdown between Schumer and Gonzales?

    UPDATE: Gonzales hearing postponed due to Virginia Tech shooting.\ \ Sen. Chuck Schumer is not im... Published April 16 2007

  • Condolences from Washington

    House members, as did their Senate counterparts, paused this afternoon to participate in a moment... Published April 16 2007

  • President Bush on the shootings

    "We ask a loving God to comfort those who are suffering today." -- President Bush, in a 4:04 p.m.... Published April 16 2007

  • United in grief

    The Senate opened floor business this afternoon with a moment of silence for the victims of Monda... Published April 16 2007

  • Gonzales stakes out his ground

    Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, in prepared testimony he will give to the Senate Judiciary... Published April 16 2007

  • Fishing in the e-stream

    Fishwrap reported yesterday that Rep. Henry Waxman, California Democrat, sent a letter to Attorne... Published April 13 2007

  • Now all we need is a Kirk vs. Picard joke

    MadTV imagines Apple CEO Steve Jobs trying to sell the Iraq war to a skeptical "shareholder's" me... Published April 13 2007

  • Wait, there was hardly enough time to heckle

    An anti-war protester's plans to disrupt President Bush's speech to the National Catholic Prayer... Published April 13 2007

  • Notes from the impeachment front

    Following up on Christina Bellantoni's story last week about Democrats and impeachment talk, the... Published April 12 2007

  • Not backing down

    Most Americans may now be opposed to the war in Iraq, but two groups with a somewhat vested inter... Published April 12 2007

  • Moving on ... away from Hillary?

    As we've reported in Friday's paper, MoveOn has released its new poll numbers after their Iraq-th... Published April 12 2007

  • Quotable

    "We screwed up and we're trying to fix it." -- White House spokeswoman Dana Perino on the White H... Published April 12 2007

  • Catholic University's commencement speaker

    We get a lot of commencement press releases this time of year, but this one was especially nice t... Published April 12 2007

  • Do the double-delete

    Expect to hear a lot more today and in coming days about the "double-delete" function on White Ho... Published April 12 2007

  • Hagel heading to Iraq

    Chuck Hagel, the Nebraska Republican, who just maybe, might consider running for president in 200... Published April 12 2007

  • Notes on a scandal

    Sen. Hillary Clinton is asking her supporters to show "respect for Rutgers," jumping on Imus-gate... Published April 11 2007

  • Gays for Edwards

    Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards picked up the endorsement today from a who's who of... Published April 10 2007

  • Reid: No rubber stamp in this Congress

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid responded to tough words from the Bush administration this morn... Published April 10 2007

  • Sestak's CAIR package

    Last Saturday night, Pennsylvania's Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell and Rep. Joe Sestak attended a sol... Published April 10 2007

  • White House stands firm on war funding

    Tough words from the White House this morning on the supplemental war funding bill.\ "This is not... Published April 10 2007