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Fishwrap Archive: August 2007

  • Here and there

    There was a hue and cry from the White House press corps at Andrews Air Force Base this morning,... Published August 9 2007

  • Police: 'pop bottle bomb' thrown at imam

    An Arizona mosque frequented by an imam involved in a high-profile lawsuit against airline passen... Published August 8 2007

  • Sarkozy to visit Bush

    The White House announced today that President Bush and first lady Laura Bush will host French Pr... Published August 8 2007

  • Homage for a homer

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, late last night celebrated San Francisco Giants... Published August 8 2007

  • China jails 'cyber-dissidents'

    Seven years after winning the 2008 Olympics, China's communist government continues stonewalling... Published August 8 2007

  • No love for GOP

    "We believe one of the people up here tonight will be our next president," AFL-CIO president John... Published August 7 2007

  • New friends of Fishwrap

    Check out our new political blogs that will give you the latest on the Republicans, the Democrats... Published August 7 2007

  • Clearly questionable

    Today's story on President Bush's promise to veto hate-crimes legislation made mention of a lette... Published August 7 2007

  • 'Kossacks' on faith

    One of the overlooked events from the four-day Yearly Kos convention was a interfaith prayer serv... Published August 6 2007

  • Cheney: We're in this war together

    Vice President Dick Cheney today declared that the Iraq war is not "a Republican war or a Democra... Published August 6 2007

  • Yearly Kos Fishwrap-up

    You can read Fishwrap's coverage of the second annual Yearly Kos convention here and here, and ch... Published August 6 2007

  • Boos for Dems, MSM

    CHICAGO - Plenty of anti-Republican red meat here today, but the Kossacks at the Yearly Kos conve... Published August 3 2007

  • Quotable

    "I covered those confirmation hearings. I went home at night in tears. It was awful."\ \ \ -- Dah... Published August 3 2007

  • Edwards to join picket line

    CHICAGO -- Former Sen. John Edwards will shore up his union cred tomorrow by rallying with striki... Published August 3 2007

  • GOP attacks Yearly Kos

    CHICAGO - Republicans are taking aim at Kossacks this morning with a new Web ad accusing the 2008... Published August 3 2007

  • Durbin does DailyKos convention

    CHICAGO -- Sen. Dick Durbin, Illinois Democrat had to skip his planned remarks here at the Yearly... Published August 2 2007

  • Gonzales Must Go, pt. 2

    Two Republicans are staging an offensive in the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning to portra... Published August 2 2007

  • Specter wants Gonzales gone

    Sen. Arlen Specter, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said this morning t... Published August 2 2007

  • Biden on Biden

    Sen. Joe Biden said today that, if he had been president in 2002, he still would have asked Congr... Published August 1 2007

  • CAIR vs. YAF

    THURSDAY UPDATE: Spencer speaks on "the wrath of CAIR."\ \ \ PREVIOUSLY ...\ \ The Council on Ame... Published August 1 2007