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Fishwrap Archive: December 2007

  • Video: Fred or Tammy?

    During a Fox News interview about Fred Thompson's campaign, author/blogger/radio talk-show host T... Published December 31 2007

  • Dissing Iowa

    Three days before the crucial Iowa caucuses, and the American Spectator's Phillip Klein seems to... Published December 31 2007

  • The Soros factor

    Having already orchestrated more than $100 million in grants to liberal non-profits, now George S... Published December 30 2007

  • Mellon money embarrasses Edwards

    Backing from an heiress to a Gilded Age fortune has put a dent in Democrat John Edwards populist... Published December 30 2007

  • Beware the Aimless Death Cult

    The words "war on terror" will no longer be used by the British government to describe attacks on... Published December 28 2007

  • Bhutto assassinated: Blogs react

    UPDATE 5:35 p.m.:\ \ \ At Hot Air, Bryan Preston is peeved at Ron Paul's reaction:\ \ \ \ Bryan s... Published December 27 2007

  • Matt Lewis: Dissing Ron Paul?

    At Townhall.com, Matt Lewis rates the Republican presidential candidates, with the headline, "One... Published December 26 2007

  • Nothing to see here

    Ever wonder how that audit of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's security controls on its... Published December 26 2007

  • Bush offers personal greetings on Christmas Eve

    President Bush, during his fourth day at Camp David with a large gathering of family for the holi... Published December 24 2007

  • Huck vs. Rush update

    UPDATE 6:10 p.m.:\ \ Mr. Limbaugh has e-mailed a response, but not to me. Not that my feelings ar... Published December 23 2007

  • Homeland is the loneliest for the holidays

    My Christmas card action was sadly lacking this holiday season. I received exactly one card signe... Published December 20 2007

  • Video: Cynthia McKinney for president

    The former Georgia Democrat declares her Green Party candidacy:\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ Ten-second ana... Published December 19 2007

  • Stumbo: Take me home, country roads

    Kentucky Democrat Attorney General Greg Stumbo today announced he wants his old state House seat... Published December 19 2007

  • White House seeks correction of CIA tapes story

    UPDATE/4:42 p.m.: "I heard now from The New York Times that they will retract that headline, and... Published December 19 2007

  • Fire near the White House

    UPDATE: Mrs. Perino said at the White House press briefing that the fire caused smoke to fill mu... Published December 19 2007

  • A baseball blast from the past

    I didn't know this until a friend pointed it out to me today in a New York Times article: Monica... Published December 18 2007

  • Applying the laws of Ed Gillespie

    This is the first in an occasional look inside the mind of President Bush's counselor, Ed Gillesp... Published December 18 2007

  • White House says war funding is OK &#8212 for now

    The White House this morning said it is "comfortable" with Congress appropriating $70 billion for... Published December 18 2007

  • A vast Rove conspiracy?

    What's a good conspiracy story without a chart?\ \ \ \ Raw Story suggests that former Alabama Gov... Published December 17 2007

  • Video: Rockin' the National Guard

    How cool is this? The National Guard releases a rock video -- now playing as a trailer in movie t... Published December 17 2007