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Fishwrap Archive: February 2007

  • That's not how he works, he didn't say about himse

    After Vice President Cheney left Kabul, Afghanistan, on Tuesday, rounding out his nine-day trip t... Published February 28 2007

  • Sweatin' to the newies

    Fitness guru Richard Simmons made quite the impression on Capitol Hill today.\ Simmons, who famou... Published February 28 2007

  • No felons on the docks?

    U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint plans to introduce an amendment to the 9/11 Commission bill that would bar f... Published February 28 2007

  • Overheard

    A Capitol staffer posted in the Speaker's Lobby observed Democratic leaders rushing in to the Hou... Published February 28 2007

  • Set your Tivo

    Freshmen Rep. Steve Cohen will get his moment in comedy's hot seat tonight.\ \ The Tennessee Demo... Published February 28 2007

  • Anti-war protesters wear out welcome with Sen. Mik

    A group of anti-war protesters, arrested Tuesday evening after they refused to vacate Maryland Se... Published February 28 2007

  • What, no Discovery Channel at the White House?

    "I am sure that he probably has not spent a moment thinking about that." -- White House spokesman... Published February 28 2007

  • Out of the loop

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell either was dodging reporters' questions today or didn't re... Published February 27 2007

  • How do you make a majority leader blush?

    More specifically, a House majority leader. We doubt Senate boss "Give 'em hell" Harry Reid ever... Published February 27 2007

  • Steele asks for help with campaign bills

    Michael S. Steele, Maryland's former lieutenant governor and onetime rising star of the Republica... Published February 27 2007

  • Cheney on the suicide bomber

    "It shouldn't affect our behavior at all." -- Vice President Dick Cheney, on the suicide bomber w... Published February 27 2007

  • Jeb Bush in a speedo

    That was President Bush's equivalent of Chris Farley's "fat guy in a little coat" joke, part of h... Published February 27 2007

  • Schwarzenegger takes on Webb

    After his speech at the National Press Club today, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was aske... Published February 26 2007

  • Arnold eyes Senate run

    "The Governator" took an interesting position on Iraq yesterday, during his appearance on CBS' "F... Published February 26 2007

  • Snow has advice for Dems

    White House press secretary Tony Snow this morning said Senate Dems should not rewrite the 2002 a... Published February 26 2007

  • Call it the Howard Dean Rule

    The Nevada Democratic Party is invoking the name of Howard Dean, the national party chairman, in... Published February 26 2007

  • The Dodd Pod dud

    We here at Fishwrap appreciate White House hopeful Sen. Chris Dodd's attempt to be hip on his cam... Published February 26 2007

  • MoveOn tries to block Fox sponsorship in debate

    MoveOn.org began circulating a petition this morning to try and block Fox News from hosting a Dem... Published February 22 2007

  • Sen. Tester, on the way up

    Sen. Jon Tester today announced -- with understandable relief -- that he was moving out of his te... Published February 22 2007

  • The red-carpet review

    ABC has put together a handy photo slideshow of the stars who turned out at a Hollywood fundraise... Published February 22 2007