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Fishwrap Archive: July 2007

  • Skateboarders mourn 'a ripper and a chill kid'

    National security reporter Bill Gertz is one of the most famous members of The Washington Times s... Published July 31 2007

  • Confusion over clarification

    A promised letter from the Bush administration clarifying testimony last week by Attorney General... Published July 31 2007

  • Snow critical of Gonzales impeachment move

    White House spokesman Tony Snow said House Democratic members spearheading an effort to impeach A... Published July 31 2007

  • Novak likes the idea of President Paul

    Bob Novak stopped by the Heritage Foundation today for a lunchtime discussion with conservative b... Published July 31 2007

  • Like Obama? Looking for a date?

    In an unusual twist on presidential fundraising, supporters of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) are hol... Published July 31 2007

  • Lott defends Sen. Stevens after IRS/FBI raid

    Senate Minority Whip Trent Lott came to the defense of Republican Sen. Ted Stevens, whose Alaska... Published July 31 2007

  • LIVE! From YAF'S national conference

    About 400 college students braved the rainy weather today to attend the kickoff of the week-long... Published July 30 2007

  • Cheney's presidential act? Letter to grandkids

    Vice President Dick Cheney sat down today for an interview with Mark Knoller of CBS News radio, a... Published July 30 2007

  • Edwards: Gonzo must go

    Presidential hopeful former Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) is making a "BIG" push this morning to press... Published July 30 2007

  • Colbert at the White House

    Comedian Stephen Colbert dropped by the White House this afternoon to tape a segment for his show... Published July 27 2007

  • Pro-Obama YouTube video

    An interesting pro-Obama political YouTube video we came across today.\ \ \ \ -- Christina Bella... Published July 27 2007

  • Cleavage and Bush-Cheney lite?

    The Clinton campaign sent out two eyebrow-raising fundraising e-mails today.\ \ \ The first, titl... Published July 27 2007

  • 'John Doe' update

    The Senate last night passed legislation to implement the final recommendations of the September... Published July 27 2007

  • Quotable

    \ "Get Al Gore to run again? It would be a simple slogan: Re-elect Al Gore."\ \ -- Democratic str... Published July 27 2007

  • Gonzales testimony -- key details

    Emerging details about the history of the government's domestic surveillance program, combined wi... Published July 26 2007

  • Campaign 'profiteering?'

    An interesting phrase from the Wall Street Journal:Political ad-makers Russ Schriefer and Stuart... Published July 26 2007

  • Quotable

    "I'm on a conference call right now. ... There's like, reporters from the New York Times."\ \ --... Published July 26 2007

  • Dems want prosecutor for Gonzales probe

    Four Democratic senators this morning asked Solicitor General Paul Clement to appoint a special p... Published July 26 2007

  • Bush meets with Brown at Camp David

    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will visit President Bush's retreat at Camp David on Sunday a... Published July 26 2007

  • Al From to Mike Gravel: You're crazy

    Democratic Leadership Council CEO Al From this morning dismissed as "crazy" an accusation from Wh... Published July 25 2007