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Fishwrap Archive: June 2007

  • Partisan politics

    Survey respondents confirmed what has long been speculated about former Sen. Fred Thompson -- he'... Published June 29 2007

  • The future is now

    This fishwrapper caught a brief glimpse of the White House briefing room while carrying a few thi... Published June 29 2007

  • Senator's view on war makes woman woozy

    A war protestor on a hunger strike collapsed today in Sen. Joe Lieberman's office, according to t... Published June 28 2007

  • Conservative blogs give two cents about immigratio

    Conservative bloggers wasted little time weighing in on the defeat of the Senate immigration bill... Published June 28 2007

  • LIVE from Creation '07

    What covers 600 acres, requires 600 portable toilets and is powered by 160,000 watts? It's Creati... Published June 28 2007

  • About those expectations

    Here's an update to the last posting on campaign cash. Clinton campaign guru Howard Wolfson tells... Published June 28 2007

  • Campaign cash

    Hillary Clinton staffers have been saying for weeks they think Barack Obama might outraise their... Published June 28 2007

  • Quotable

    "When I'm president I'll work to make you proud every day." - Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), in thi... Published June 28 2007

  • Thompson Focuses on Conservative Themes in S.C.

    Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson focused on conservative themes as he courted Republican lo... Published June 27 2007

  • Tancredo: Chertoff should eat hit words (and veggi

    Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican and presidential wannabe, sent a head of lettuce and a fru... Published June 27 2007

  • All hands officially on deck

    The surge of 30,000 additional U.S. troops to Iraq, announced by President Bush on Jan. 10, appar... Published June 27 2007

  • Carter on outs with Jewish group

    The Republican Jewish Coalition gathered signatures from six former U.S. ambassadors on a letter... Published June 27 2007

  • From one leader to another

    President Bush called new British Prime Minister Gordon Brown this morning "to congratulate him o... Published June 27 2007

  • Bush back at Islamic Center

    In 1957, President Eisenhower spoke at the dedication of the Islamic Center of Washington D.C., w... Published June 27 2007

  • Fully dressed

    Fishwrap is always so delighted when John McCain offers campaign supporters presidential gear. We... Published June 27 2007

  • No shirt, no shoes, no (Secret) Service

    President Bush spoke this morning at the Islamic Center of Washington, the largest mosque in D.C.... Published June 27 2007

  • Plug into Fred Thompson

    Just how Internet saavy is Fred Thompson? Well, the former Tennessee senator has every flavor of... Published June 27 2007

  • Quotable

    "He's got a great shot from 15 feet out." - Center for National Policy president Tim Roemer, a fo... Published June 27 2007

  • Fightin' Dirty, Pt. 2

    "Haircuts and hatchet jobs" was such a hit, the John Edwards campaign is going for round two.\ \ ... Published June 26 2007

  • Thompson's <i>de facto</i>

    The actor-turned-politician isn't "officially" running, but he sure acts like he is.\ \ \ Thompso... Published June 26 2007