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Fishwrap Archive: June 2007

  • Reid and Lieberman disagree over Iran

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is already distancing himself from Joe Lieberman's call for an... Published June 11 2007

  • Republicans and Democrats join hands

    Republicans and Democrats joined together today to cheer the new Vote '08 campaign to end global... Published June 11 2007

  • Paris Hilton

    \ God is sending Paris to jail in hopes of getting better acquainted.\ \ \ \ -- Brandon Leonard,... Published June 11 2007

  • Edwards: No confidence vote not enough

    White House hopeful John Edwards (D-NC) lent his voice to the chorus of politicians who today are... Published June 11 2007

  • Oklahomans for Hillary?

    This is interesting. \ \ Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) will also be heading to her old stomping gro... Published June 11 2007

  • Sopranos Fishwrap-up

    Is Anthony Jr. a spokesman for liberals?\ In the final episode, which for the record this Fishwra... Published June 11 2007

  • Opening act

    The House later this week will debate a series of spending bills that would allocate billions of... Published June 11 2007

  • Hillary pads her lead

    According to a Rasmussen Poll released today, the Democratic presidential primary candidates' sup... Published June 11 2007

  • New blog targets Sen. Lindsey Graham

    A new blog, called "Dump Lindsey Graham," was created by a South Carolinian known only as "Fed Up... Published June 8 2007

  • A thought for the weekend

    Here's an easy, common sense solution to the immigration reform debate: If you care more or know... Published June 8 2007

  • Getting the headline

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, will open the floor for debate Monday on a re... Published June 8 2007

  • October surprise, al Qaeda style

    The October 2004 videotape from Osama bin Laden was the "most unwelcome backhanded endorsement i... Published June 8 2007

  • Poll: Money talks. Duh!

    Maybe the results are well-known to many, but a new Rasmussen Poll released today says the majori... Published June 8 2007

  • Grand bargain dies: Fishwrap-up

    Thursday was a long day for Stephen Dinan of The Washington Times, with the Senate taking its swe... Published June 7 2007

  • We're starting a new blog: 'Trippiwrap'

    "There's 100 United States senators and my guess is not one of them has gotten through the last y... Published June 7 2007

  • Going viral

    "Somebody's probably going to have a macaca moment," Joe Trippi just told attendees here at the F... Published June 7 2007

  • Is Laura too 'loud'? Listen for yourself

    Ralph Z. Hallow and Jon Ward's story today about the Bush administration's increasingly contentio... Published June 7 2007

  • About that pecan pie ...

    Joe Trippi appeared a bit sheepish today when asked about the campaign fundraising video he did f... Published June 7 2007

  • Fred knows the Internet? Fred knows the Internet!

    Fred Thompson may already be making a case for himself as the transformative Republican candidate... Published June 7 2007

  • Hillary raises money for <i>both</i> parties

    Republicans are using Sen. Hillary Clinton to raise money for the national party.\ \ \ "Do you th... Published June 7 2007