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Fishwrap Archive: March 2007

  • Nancy Pelosi visits Holy Land

    House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi on Sunday is scheduled to address the Israeli Knesset -- the coun... Published March 30 2007

  • Steele horizon

    Who could make a room full of conservatives stand up and applaud the recipient of a "God, I Hate... Published March 30 2007

  • Boehner is having a bad day

    A Fishwrap spy informs us that House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) accidentally voted for... Published March 29 2007

  • Tuske-gee, me, oh, my

    A truly embarrassing moment for House Minority Leader John Boehner at today's Congressional Medal... Published March 29 2007

  • Cloning ban bill

    Senators Sam Brownback, Kansas Republican, and Mary Landrieu, Louisiana Democrat, today announced... Published March 29 2007

  • Latest from the Sampson hearings

    Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales has made misleading statements when explaining the firing of... Published March 29 2007

  • Christmas trees in Iraq?

    The Senate's emergency supplemental bill for funding the war in Iraq is packed with pork -- at le... Published March 29 2007

  • Sampson testifies on the Hill

    "This episode has been personally devastating to me and my family, and it's my hope that I can co... Published March 29 2007

  • MC Rove, rockin' the house

    The video of Karl Rove rapping at the TV and Radio Correspondents Dinner last night is up on YouT... Published March 29 2007

  • Classin' up the joint

    When Sen. Joe Biden (D-Delaware) apologized for his appearance during a Senate floor speech this... Published March 28 2007

  • Hey, a guy could get used to this ...

    All the senators debating the war supplemental are calling Barack Obama "Mister President."\ No,... Published March 28 2007

  • Cowboys and cowgirls

    So this is why dozens of guys in big hats were hanging out in the Senate reception room today. We... Published March 28 2007

  • Leahy sends letter to Gonzales

    Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, in addition to his letter to the White House t... Published March 28 2007

  • Leahy, Conyers send letter

    Congressional Democrats leading a probe into the firing of federal prosecutors sent a letter to t... Published March 28 2007

  • Blue Dogs accept budget

    The Blue Dog Coalition, a group of conservative House Democrats, announced today it was formally... Published March 28 2007

  • Quotable

    "I would say to him: Calm down with the threats. There's a new Congress in town."\ -- Speaker Nan... Published March 28 2007

  • Fertilizer politics

    A massive peace symbol has sprouted on the lawn in front of the west steps of the Capitol.\ \ A U... Published March 28 2007

  • Harry Reid + 'star power' = legislative action

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid met today with Grammy winning singer Sheryl Crow to tout his br... Published March 28 2007

  • Send lawyers, guns and money

    Democratic plans to spend money on extra lawyers from a private D.C. law firm shows that Congress... Published March 28 2007

  • Women for Hillary

    Call it the girl power trifecta.\ \ Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) is getting three boosts to... Published March 28 2007