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Fishwrap Archive: March 2007

  • See what we said they've been saying?

    House Republicans produced this video to try and illustrate what they have been saying in recent... Published March 23 2007

  • Kerry says it's time

    Sen. John F. Kerry applauded the House Demcorats for passing today a plan for all U.S. troops to... Published March 23 2007

  • Snow will take leave of absence for operation

    White House spokesman Tony Snow yesterday gave an emotional response to Elizabeth Edwards' announ... Published March 23 2007

  • Pork and politics

    Republicans' latest prop: the pig. \ \ The Senate GOP is about to start a press conference to rip... Published March 23 2007

  • Just cave and call

    The White House this morning firmly rejected Sen. Arlen Specter's proposal that top administratio... Published March 23 2007

  • Don't mess with Obey

    Dave Obey has had it.\ \ His patience has worn thin over the past few weeks as lawmakers struggle... Published March 23 2007

  • Whip it good

    Speaking of parliamentary maneuvers, Democrats are using one of their own as they scramble to get... Published March 23 2007

  • Two views

    Congressional subpoenas would probably not go anywhere in the court system, one legal expert with... Published March 22 2007

  • Is the subpoena drama a cover?

    A top Republican aide on Capitol Hill says Democrats are continuing to push for subpoenas of top... Published March 22 2007

  • Biden/Ferrell '08?

    White House hopeful Joe Biden plans to hit "The Tonight Show" this evening for a try at the late... Published March 22 2007

  • Gonzales stands firm on firings

    Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales today made his first public comments on the U.S. attorneys f... Published March 22 2007

  • White House feels it holds the higher ground

    White House spokesman Tony Snow was unequivocal this morning about who has the upper hand in the... Published March 22 2007

  • Hillary scoops up a New Hampshire ace

    Hillary Rodham Clinton has picked up the support of New Hampshire political powerhouse Bill Shahe... Published March 21 2007

  • It's Texas Hold 'Em: Who will blink first?

    One legal expert with experience in congressional investigations says there is a story behind the... Published March 21 2007

  • The subpoena showdown: Who has the upper hand?

    When President Bush says he will not submit top aides to congressional testimony under oath, Demo... Published March 21 2007

  • Suddenly, Washington is Sparta

    Sen. John Warner loved Al Gore's '300' analogy so much he elaborated on it.\ \ "I have not seen t... Published March 21 2007

  • And out in the hallways ...

    The loud anti-war protesters we mentioned earlier are apparently planning to make enough trouble... Published March 21 2007

  • By Jiminy, the young folks love it

    Al Gore delivered the same line about the film '300' this afternoon testifying before a Senate pa... Published March 21 2007

  • Senators, cutting up in class

    Sen. James Inhofe took a moment this afternoon to bash Al Gore for something not related to globa... Published March 21 2007

  • Oh, and no wire hangers, either

    Sen. James Inhofe had the same objections as House Republicans voiced this morning that Al Gore d... Published March 21 2007