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Fishwrap Archive: March 2007

  • Hardy har

    Stacey Farnen Bernards is trying her hand at comedy, using her job as Majority Leader Steny Hoyer... Published March 20 2007

  • It's tax time

    Rep. John Lewis, chairman of the Ways and Means subcommittee on oversight, welcomed Internal Reve... Published March 20 2007

  • The heat is on

    It's Climate Crisis Action Day here on the Hill, and the crowds are already sizable.\ \ Some acti... Published March 20 2007

  • Gore's bringing a bunch of cyber-cards

    Al Gore promises his constituents he will deliver their postcards urging global warming action wh... Published March 19 2007

  • Edwards still a favorite

    Former senator and 2004 vice presidential nominee John Edwards (NC) is still a favorite among lib... Published March 19 2007

  • More on Gore

    As our print edition detailed today, former VP Al Gore will come to the Hill Wednesday to testify... Published March 19 2007

  • Giving credit to the troops

    House Minority Leader John A. Boehner marked the fourth anniversary of the Iraq war today by than... Published March 19 2007

  • Bush to speak on Iraq this morning

    President Bush is set to make a statement on the Iraq war this morning at 11:30. \ \ The statemen... Published March 19 2007

  • This morning at the White House...

    The White House this morning gave a less than resounding statement in support of embattled Attorn... Published March 19 2007

  • Ringing the bell

    Freshman Rep. Mike Arcuri got the star treatment this morning, ringing the opening bell on Wall S... Published March 19 2007

  • Weather blues for Obama

    Sen. Barack Obama was forced to cancel a New Hampshire town hall meeting today due to bad weather... Published March 16 2007

  • Celebrating the shamrock in Washington

    "May the Lord keep you in His hand -- and never close His fist too tight." -- President Bush, cl... Published March 16 2007

  • GOP on offense as Dems talk of pulling back

    House Republicans, in their weekly radio address, are lambasting Democrats for the conditions inc... Published March 16 2007

  • Stop the presses

    A voice came over the loudspeaker in the White House press room. \ \ "Ladies and gentleman, an an... Published March 16 2007

  • The White House volunteers

    The White House is expected to tell Democrats in Congress today which White House staff members,... Published March 16 2007

  • 'Your war bill is nuts, literally'

    John Shadegg, one of the House's more influential figures on fiscal conservatism, just released a... Published March 15 2007

  • The Gonzales question

    When it comes to the fallout from the recent firing of several U.S. attorneys, the Washington pre... Published March 15 2007

  • White House fends off critics in GOP

    The White House is not happy with Sen. John Sununu's call yesterday for Attorney General Alberto... Published March 15 2007

  • The Irish problem

    The luck of the Irish was not with the several dozen Hill staffers forced to wait outside the Cap... Published March 15 2007

  • Snow rooting for the underdog

    We know who White House spokesman Tony Snow will be routing for in the Maryland vs. Davidson game... Published March 15 2007