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Fishwrap Archive: March 2007

  • Sununu: Replace Gonzales

    Sen. John Sununu, New Hampshire Republican, became the first GOP senator to call for President Bu... Published March 14 2007

  • The Coulter buzz is still electric

    As the dust-up over conservative author Ann Coulter's comments at CPAC hit their third week, I st... Published March 14 2007

  • Brownback earning some stripes

    It may not elevate him into the top-tier of 2008 presidential candidates, but Sam Brownback is fe... Published March 14 2007

  • A thousand firefighters, almost as many candidates

    The 1,000 members of the International Association of Firefighters here listening to 11 president... Published March 14 2007

  • Rep. Stark says we're on our own

    Rep. Pete Stark is the first known member of Congress to announce his "non-theist" status. Respon... Published March 14 2007

  • Dunc Hunt

    If it's Wednesday, then Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is filing a c... Published March 14 2007

  • More March Madness

    Kudos to Roll Call, which culled together a handy March Madness bracket for Hillies, complete wit... Published March 14 2007

  • Majority leader March Madness

    Well we know now where the college basketball allegiances lie with the two Democratic leaders on... Published March 13 2007

  • Attorney general on the bubble

    Things sure aren't looking great right now for U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales as the fall... Published March 13 2007

  • Winds of change out West

    The National Committee for an Effective Congress has released a new report calling New Mexico "a... Published March 13 2007

  • White (House) hot forum

    Presidential hopefuls from both parties are scheduled to address thousands of members of the Inte... Published March 13 2007

  • They're at it again

    Anti-war activists are expanding their nonviolent assault on U.S. Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski with 1... Published March 13 2007

  • John McCain, hoops guy

    Talk about playing it safe.\ \ Presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain has posted his March Madness... Published March 13 2007

  • Call in sick and go to the rally

    U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and Rep. Rosa DeLauro are leading a rally today in support of their H... Published March 13 2007

  • Clinton, Obama stars at Jewish gala

    Three Democratic presidential candidates and one Republican hopeful crossed paths Monday night as... Published March 12 2007

  • 'Vote Different'

    Some tech-savvy political junkies are comparing Sen. Hillary Clinton to Big Brother in a You Tube... Published March 12 2007

  • Sen. Clinton reacts to Halliburton move

    Sen. Hillary Clinton wasted no time reacting to news that Halliburton is relocating its headquart... Published March 12 2007

  • The perfect accessory

    Good news, John McCain fans.\ \ We know you were wondering what perfect accessory you would need... Published March 12 2007

  • Clinton supporters at AIPAC

    Hillary Clinton supporters were out in droves, and early, this morning at the Washington Conventi... Published March 12 2007

  • Obey confronted, part 2

    After all the hullabaloo over Tina Richards' confrontation of Appropriations Chairman David Obey... Published March 12 2007