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Fishwrap Archive: March 2007

  • Democrat: Defunding war "idiot liberal" idea

    House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-WI) explains that "it's time these idiot liberals und... Published March 9 2007

  • The buck tip at Starbucks

    Rep. Stephen Lynch is easy to spot on Capitol Hill because of his signature trench coat, but the... Published March 9 2007

  • If it's Friday, this must be our plan

    While Democrats tried yesterday to keep up with all the details of their newest plans to end the... Published March 9 2007

  • Give us your tired, your poor, your aspiring suici

    Top Republican lawmakers today fired back at a proposal by Rep. John P. Murtha, Pennsylvania Demo... Published March 8 2007

  • Notable

    Seven Navy men are standing at attention in the gallery above the House floor, as Democratic memb... Published March 8 2007

  • Call the fire marshal

    How to Irritate the Capitol Hill Press Corps in 4 Easy Steps:\ \ 1. Leak part of your Iraq war pl... Published March 8 2007

  • Washington snow trumps global warming again

    Actual memo e-mailed to Capitol Hill reporters today (who says Democrats take themselves too seri... Published March 7 2007

  • Train traveling senator revealed

    As suspected, Sen. Joe Biden was the lawmaker "stuck on a train because of the bad weather" ident... Published March 7 2007

  • Mr. Tiger goes to Washington

    Several congressional heavyweights, always on the lookout for a savy photo-op, took advantage of... Published March 7 2007

  • On parents who supply the booze ...

    U.S. Sen. Michael B. Enzi today applauded the U.S. Surgeon General's call to action for Americans... Published March 7 2007

  • Cheney out? Not at all, Snow says

    "The vice president still remains a trusted aide ... The vice president is somebody upon whose co... Published March 7 2007

  • The bitter inch

    That horrible Washington weather. \ \ Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took to the Senate floor... Published March 7 2007

  • Obama sends a message

    It wasn't enough the two 2008 hopefuls crossed paths in Selma, Alabama, last weekend. \ \ Sen. Ba... Published March 7 2007

  • Hoyer frustrated with lack of minimum-wage progres

    It's been more than a month since the Senate passed an increase to the minimum wage with much fan... Published March 6 2007

  • What's that scent?

    That's what Rep. Jean Schmidt wanted to know as she strolled past a staffer in the Speaker's Lobb... Published March 6 2007

  • Quotable

    "This is the Katrina of 2007." -- Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, on the Walter Reed Hospital scandal a... Published March 6 2007

  • Reaction to Libby verdict

    Reaction to the conviction today of former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby on charges o... Published March 6 2007

  • By the numbers

    Most politicians here on the Hill are happy to give reporters handouts bashing their opposing pol... Published March 6 2007

  • Let the investigations begin

    The first major investigation of the new Congress could also be a long one. \ \ "This may take a... Published March 6 2007

  • Big names headed to the Hill

    Microsoft bigwig Bill Gates will be here Wednesday to testify about the need to keep the United S... Published March 6 2007