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Fishwrap Archive: May 2007

  • Flowers for the queen

    Robert Bouwmeester, 14, and his brother Matt Bouwmeester, 10, of Reston, Va., stood on the South... Published May 7 2007

  • Who's having dinner with the queen?

    Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for: the guest list for tonight's state dinner in... Published May 7 2007

  • Eight million Hubbard fans can't be wrong, right?

    The pundits may ridicule Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's pick of "Battlefield Ear... Published May 7 2007

  • McCain: Rodham Clinton's idea is the 'worst'

    Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain over the weekend blasted Sen. Hillary Rodham Cli... Published May 7 2007

  • Press critics jump on the bracelets

    White House staff on Wednesday came into the press room and handed out yellow bracelets with Tony... Published May 4 2007

  • White House: Not shutting down milbloggers

    I asked White House spokesman Tony Snow about the Pentagon's directive to restrict communications... Published May 3 2007

  • Red state plus Blue state equals 'DomeNation'?

    David All and Jerome Armstrong, two of the leading voices in the blogosphere when it comes to the... Published May 3 2007

  • C'mon, it was just a joke ... he says

    James Comey, former deputy attorney general, knocked the breath out of a few people this morning... Published May 3 2007

  • Human rights in the United States

    Rep. Bill Delahunt wants to set up a commission to review human rights in the United States, issu... Published May 3 2007

  • Hoyer says minimum wage will stay in Iraq bill

    The Democrats may give President Bush a supplemental Iraq spending bill that does not include a t... Published May 2 2007

  • Add it up

    By the numbers, 'oops' edition\ \ -- Eight: Number of days since Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced... Published May 2 2007

  • You may dig Doug, but his campaign is dead to the

    Stand-up comedian and Libertarian Party presidential candidate Doug Stanhope is dropping out of t... Published May 2 2007

  • Bipartisan trio

    Members of Congress made quite a show at an annual charity run this morning.\ \ A friend of Fishw... Published May 2 2007

  • The letter

    The White House just released President Bush's veto letter, sending a bill back to Congress that... Published May 2 2007

  • The power of the pen

    President Bush tonight used a pen -- given to him by the father of a U.S. Marine killed in Iraq -... Published May 1 2007

  • Mission accomplished or mission awry?

    Senate staffers in Majority Leader Harry Reid's war room put together some grim Iraq war statisti... Published May 1 2007

  • It's on

    Democratic 2008 frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama each said today they will participa... Published May 1 2007

  • Quotable

    "Irish rock stars generally don't get calls from four-star generals." -- U2 star Bono, on a press... Published May 1 2007

  • By the numbers

    -- Seven: Number of days since Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced articles of impeachment against Vi... Published May 1 2007

  • One veto, coming right up

    President Bush will veto the Democrats supplemental war funding bill in private this evening and... Published May 1 2007