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Fishwrap Archive: November 2007

  • Questions about Pakistan

    During a joint press conference today at Mount Vernon, President Bush and French President Nicola... Published November 7 2007

  • White House: Musharraf on the clock

    The White House said this morning that they want a promise to hold free elections straight from t... Published November 6 2007

  • GWU student fakes hate

    A student at George Washington University has admitted drawing swastikas on her own door, univers... Published November 5 2007

  • Turkish-Kurdish dilemma

    About 200 to 300 Kurdish-Americans are protesting outside the White House this afternoon as Presi... Published November 5 2007

  • Mideast focus

    The White House is focused today on two areas in the Middle East where President Bush's "freedom... Published November 5 2007

  • Medal of Freedom

    The White House press center is abuzz with people and activity this morning — the awards ce... Published November 5 2007

  • VIDEO: Illegals not OK in Oklahoma

    Stephen Dinan and Jerry Seper report:\ \ The nation's strictest immigration crackdown went into e... Published November 3 2007

  • Emergency in Pakistan

    The latest news from Islamabad is troubling:\ \ Gen. Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergen... Published November 3 2007

  • Cheney: GOP will win in '08

    Vice President Dick Cheney this afternoon said he is convinced that a Republican candidate will w... Published November 2 2007

  • Paris on the Potomac?

    President Bush will meet with French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday in D.C., then hold a... Published November 2 2007

  • From the pool: Bush speaks at Heritage Foundation

    Here's the pool report from this afternoon's speech in Washington.\ \ \ Motorcade went out of Whi... Published November 1 2007

  • Oval Office preview

    President Bush this morning took the unusual step of inviting the pool reporters, sans TV cameras... Published November 1 2007