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Fishwrap Archive: October 2007

  • Lama faithful on hand at Hill

    Fans and followers of the Dalai Lama are descending on Capitol Hill to see him receive the Congre... Published October 17 2007

  • White House wants Huawei concerns quelled

    The White House this morning said they will work hard to avoid letting an outcry over a Chinese f... Published October 16 2007

  • Where do they get these people?

    The federal deficit just hit its lowest level since 2002 and September unemployment was 4.7 perce... Published October 15 2007

  • Bush: No third term for me

    President Bush went to Rogers, Ark., today to speak about the federal budget, and took questions... Published October 15 2007

  • An investigation compromised?

    Last week, Audrey Hudson reported on how the Jawa Report and other bloggers are targeting Interne... Published October 15 2007

  • NASCAR cooties vs. DC cooties

    While the "NASCAR cooties" epidemic was sweeping the blogosphere last week, apparently nobody on... Published October 14 2007

  • S-CHIP de-Frosted

    A Volvo SUV, a Chevy Suburban and a Ford F-250 may finally bring to an end a long and bitter flam... Published October 13 2007

  • What's a Radiohead?

    Turns out the new Radiohead release is even getting some notice at the White House.\ \ Deputy pre... Published October 11 2007

  • White House dismisses talks of common currency

    The White House this morning categorically denied that President Bush is considering or has ever... Published October 11 2007

  • Not NASCAR cooties?

    Rep. Bennie Thompson, Mississippi Democrat and committee chairman, responds to concerns by Rep. R... Published October 11 2007

  • White House steamed over resolution vote

    The White House continues to fume this morning over the House committee vote yesterday that conde... Published October 11 2007

  • YAF to GWU: Expel them PDQ!

    Victimized Monday in a hoax by George Washington University students, Ron Robinson of Young Ameri... Published October 10 2007

  • NASCAR cooties

    House Homeland Security Committee staffers are on a peculiar mission to study "public health issu... Published October 10 2007

  • Genocide resolution debate rages on

    Democrats in a House committee debate say that Turkey will "get over it" if they officially desig... Published October 10 2007

  • Turks, Armenians at odds over genocide resolution

    The line to get into this afternoon's House committee hearing on whether to say Turkey committed... Published October 10 2007

  • Bush against Turkish genocide resolution

    President Bush added his voice this morning to the chorus of protest against a House resolution t... Published October 10 2007

  • Rice, Gates: Middle East air cargo routes in jeopa

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates walked out of the White... Published October 10 2007

  • Laura Bush not backing down on Burma

    First lady Laura Bush has taken an increasingly vocal stance on Burma lately, and today she pens... Published October 10 2007

  • No word left unheard

    CBS' Mark Knoller had a good catch in the White House gaggle this morning, following up on a comm... Published October 9 2007

  • Pentagon halts Oakland flights

    Michelle Malkin is reporting that Rep. John Mica, Florida Republican and ranking member of the Ho... Published October 8 2007