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Fishwrap Archive: October 2007

  • GOP's 'grim' reality in '08?

    At Reason's Hit & Run blog, David Weigel makes a simple point:Four years ago George W. Bush relea... Published October 8 2007

  • Video: 'Shame on us!' Giuliani says

    At the Americans for Prosperity Summit, Rudy Giuliani used his speech to chastise Republicans in... Published October 6 2007

  • Bush: "I believe all the world prays to the same G

    President Bush told an Arabic TV station that he believes that Christians worship the same god as... Published October 5 2007

  • Bush: Aggressive questioning OK, torture is not

    President Bush this morning addressed allegations of torture by the U.S. government that have res... Published October 5 2007

  • Er, welcome back, Sen. Craig

    The White House this morning weighed in, sort of, on Sen. Larry Craig's decision to remain in off... Published October 5 2007

  • 'Dream' summit draws GOP hopefuls

    Today at the Mayflower Hotel in downtown Washington, no fewer than six Republican presidential ca... Published October 5 2007

  • Video: Log Cabin Republicans vs. Mitt Romney

    An interesting triangulation at work here, but watch the video first:\ \ \ \ Hat tip to Hot Air,... Published October 4 2007

  • Bush AG pick on fast track

    The Bush administration's nominee for attorney general will be given a confirmation hearing as ea... Published October 4 2007

  • Conyers: Show the memos

    That didn't take long.\ \ \ House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr., Michigan Democra... Published October 4 2007

  • White House fends off torture accusations

    White House press secretary Dana Perino fielded tough questions from reporters this morning over... Published October 4 2007

  • Coulter defends Rush

    Ann Coulter's new book title, "If Democratic Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans," is a collect... Published October 4 2007

  • Ron Paul: The $5 million man

    David Weigel of Reason magazine reports:\ Ron Paul's campaign confirms that it collected $5,080,0... Published October 3 2007

  • Questions for Mukasey

    Democrats this morning raised a red flag over Attorney General-designate Michael B. Mukasey's aff... Published October 3 2007

  • Hillary: I 'helped start ... Media Matters'

    In the video below, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton says:"We are righting the balance ... and really... Published October 2 2007

  • Deja vu, again

    White House press secretary Dana Perino had to assure reporters that it was not Groundhog Day tod... Published October 2 2007

  • A party for Justice Thomas

    If you don't have an invitation, don't even think about going to this party.\ \ \ Seriously.\ \ \... Published October 2 2007

  • A sight to see

    Pedestrians near the Hotel Washington today, about a block from the White House, may crane their... Published October 2 2007

  • Rush's "phony" remark draws real ire

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today urged his colleagues to sign on to a letter condemning co... Published October 1 2007

  • Hollywood values, anyone?

    President Bush this morning took a shot at "Hollywood values" during remarks about the new chairm... Published October 1 2007

  • Religious conservatives may abandon GOP

    Salon's Michael Scherer reports that religious conservatives are so unhappy with the prospect of... Published October 1 2007