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Fishwrap Archive: September 2007

  • Murtha confronted 'in cold blood'

    In May 2006, Rep. John P. Murtha, Pennsylvania Democrat, said U.S. Marines "killed innocent civil... Published September 18 2007

  • FISA on the front burner

    The debate over permanently updating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) renews toda... Published September 18 2007

  • New Hsu numbers

    Last week, I did a Q&A with blogger Flip Pidot, who has now updated his database on the Hsu scand... Published September 17 2007

  • Clear sailing for Mukasey?

    Most of the discussion about President Bush's nominee for attorney general is focused on a simple... Published September 17 2007

  • D.C.'s humorous decline

    How boring is life in Washington? I just got a press release for "The Funniest Celebrity in Washi... Published September 17 2007

  • Strange bedfellows

    The American Civil Liberties Union today came to the defense of Sen. Larry Craig, who says he mig... Published September 17 2007

  • Mukasey's the one

    White House press secretary Dana Perino confirmed this morning that former federal judge Michael... Published September 17 2007

  • Ad hits Democrats for MoveOn.org ties

    The National Republican Senatorial Committee aims to make Democrats pay for their fealty to MoveO... Published September 13 2007

  • Wanna buy a presidency?

    It's just come to our attention that the presidency is for sale. That's right -- the presidency... Published September 12 2007

  • Probing questions

    Most political and administration flaks inside the Beltway will offer a simple and unimaginative... Published September 12 2007

  • MoveOn.org: Now hiring!

    Fresh from their "betray us" attack on Gen. David Petraeus, MoveOn.org is now looking to add new... Published September 12 2007

  • Snow: Pelosi 'flat wrong'

    White House press secretary Tony Snow this morning said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was "flat wron... Published September 12 2007

  • MoveOn.org softening Petraeus attacks? Not likely

    Some observers have said MoveOn.org's New York Times ad backfired.\ \ \ But MoveOn.org isn't back... Published September 11 2007

  • 9/11 remembrance

    President Bush and first lady Laura Bush have concluded their September 11 remembrances for the d... Published September 11 2007

  • Lantos lectures the general

    The California Democrat who chairs the House Foreign Affairs committee delivered a perfect summat... Published September 10 2007

  • Change in Iraq, al-Maliki tells Bush

    Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki told President Bush this morning that a fundamental shift is... Published September 10 2007

  • 'Boorish,' 'childish' criticism

    The White House today piled on to criticisms of MoveOn.org's ad calling Army Gen. David Petraeus... Published September 10 2007

  • Republicans denounce attacks on Petraeus

    MoveOn.org's full-page ad in the New York Times today defaming Army Gen. David H. Petraeus for "c... Published September 10 2007

  • Coming soon

    The White House really didn't want to take any questions today about the big hearing on Capitol H... Published September 10 2007

  • Republicans stew over 'cooking the books' ad

    MoveOn.org's full-page ad in the New York Times today defaming Army Gen. David H. Petraeus for "c... Published September 10 2007