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Fishwrap Archive: September 2007

  • Bilingual = bad for news

    As The Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni notes, last night's Univision forum for the Democra... Published September 10 2007

  • No leaks for Petraeus

    High-profile congressional testimony is often previewed in front-page newspaper articles that are... Published September 10 2007

  • Lou Dobbs unleashed

    Remember when Lou Dobbs was just another business reporter? Then the illegal-alien issue heated u... Published September 9 2007

  • Lost in translation?

    While those of us here in the U.S. slept, President Bush and South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun... Published September 7 2007

  • Olympian thoughts

    President Bush accepted Chinese President Hu Jintao's invitation to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games... Published September 7 2007

  • Feds arrest 'Runaround Hsu'

    Late Thursday, FBI agents in Colorado nabbed the Democratic mega-donor who's been dubbed "Runarou... Published September 7 2007

  • Bush on Pavarotti

    The White House this morning issued this statement by President Bush on the death of Luciano Pava... Published September 6 2007

  • Fred's coming-out party

    Supporters of Fred Thompson nationwide are hosting house parties for the Republican presidential... Published September 5 2007

  • 'We do not know where Mr. Hsu is'

    Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu is a fugitive after failing to show for a court hearing Wednesda... Published September 5 2007

  • Lead astray

    The latest recall of toys from China prompted this quip from Sen. Sherrod Brown:\ \ \ "When 'Made... Published September 5 2007

  • Wrong number: Craig's voicemail

    Sen. Larry Craig left a voicemail message for his lawyer, leaving open his options to stay in the... Published September 5 2007

  • The right decision?

    The White House took a pass today when asked for comment on Sen. Larry Craig's reconsideration of... Published September 5 2007

  • Craig reconsiders

    This is simply astonishing:\ \ Sen. Larry Craig says he may still fight for his Senate seat, a sp... Published September 5 2007

  • Chertoff set for House hearing

    Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff heads up to Capitol Hill Wednesday morning for a House h... Published September 4 2007

  • McGreevey enters Episcopal seminary

    Three years after he declared himself to be a "gay American," former New Jersey governor Jim McGr... Published September 4 2007

  • God and politics

    Bill Richardson left a few Iowans scratching their heads Monday over his belief that God wants th... Published September 4 2007

  • Blog rules?

    Officials in Washington state are considering whether to regulate political blogging, the Seattle... Published September 4 2007

  • Bush reflects on the visit to Iraq

    President Bush yesterday gave a 30-minute interview to the small group of reporters who flew with... Published September 4 2007

  • Bias? What bias?

    The three major network morning shows have so far devoted nearly twice as much time to covering t... Published September 4 2007

  • Ad: 'They hired all foreign workers ...'

    Stephen Dinan has the story behind this new ad:\ \ \ \ \ \ That ad is from the Coalition for the... Published September 3 2007