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Fishwrap Archive: April 2008

  • Freedom's Watch hits Pelosi on gas gaffe

    The group some label the conservative counterpart to MoveOn.org is using the Web to hit House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, for underestimating the cost of a gallon of gas during an interview last week with CNN's Larry King. Published April 30 2008

  • Washington Times gets Colbert bump

    Kudos to The Washington Times' Joe Curl, whose story on Republican Sen. John McCain's superstitio... Published April 30 2008

  • House GOP hopes to rake in $7M at June dinner

    Facing a wide disparity with their Democratic counterpart, the House Republican campaign arm said it hopes to raise $7 million during its annual President's Dinner June 18 in Washington. Published April 30 2008

  • Conyers investigating rising gas prices

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Michigan Democrat, said today he wants to unders... Published April 30 2008

  • Washington Times today

    Our top story looks at how air marshals sent to protect flights are being denied access to planes... Published April 30 2008

  • Pain at the pump

    Kevin Freking of the Associated Press yesterday reported on a survey concerning how Americans are... Published April 30 2008

  • Senate Republicans push Dems on judges

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, and Sen. Arlen Specter, ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, today urged Senate Democrats to approve three circuit court nominations before the Memorial Day recess next month. Published April 29 2008

  • GOP claims Dems use Michael Moore footage

    The Republican National Committee today criticized an ad created by its Democratic counterparts,... Published April 29 2008

  • Web site roundup

    Our top story today is an in-depth interview with Gov. Haley Barbour, Mississippi Republican. He... Published April 29 2008

  • RNC asks networks to yank anti-McCain ads

    Republicans are claiming that a Democratic ad attacking Republican presidential candidate John McCain is "maliciously false and misleading" and should be kept from the airwaves. Published April 28 2008

  • Reid scolds Supreme Court for upholding voter ID l

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, slammed the Supreme Court for a 6-3 ruling is... Published April 28 2008

  • Today's cream of the crop

    Our top story by S.A. Miller looks at the speech delivered by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright before the... Published April 28 2008

  • Dems hit Dole for refusing to shun Wright ad

    The Democratic Senate campaign arm took a shot a Sen. Elizabeth Dole, North Carolina Republican, for refusing to condemn a political ad sponsored by her state party that includes inflammatory video from Sen. Barack Obama's pastor condemning the United States. Published April 25 2008

  • Best of the site

    Our top story today looks at how the White House and North Korea are renegotiating a nuclear deal... Published April 25 2008

  • DCCC adds second complaint against Freedom's Watch

    The House Democratic campaign arm today filed a second complaint with the Federal Election Commis... Published April 24 2008

  • Highlighting best of the site

    In our top story today, CIA Director Michael Hayden will tell Congress that Syria's nuclear plant... Published April 24 2008

  • The Washington Times Minute

    Today's top story is Sen. Hillary Clinton's victory in the Pennsylvania primary.\ \ \ Another st... Published April 23 2008

  • Russert as King Kong

    Uh-oh. Look out. Somebody is going to keep a close eye on NBC's "Meet the Press" host Tim Russert... Published April 22 2008

  • Snippets from today's top stories

    \ \ \ The top story we're following today is the Pennsylvania primary. Folks are reading our piec... Published April 22 2008

  • Snow to CNN

    Tony Snow, long time Fox News host and former editorial page editor for The Washington Times, is... Published April 21 2008