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Fishwrap Archive: February 2008

  • Shopping in Ghana

    UPDATE - My story on President Bush's press conference here in Ghana is up and can be read here.\... Published February 20 2008

  • Rwanda genocide memorial pics

    \ \ \ President Bush toured the genocide memorial in Kigali, Rwanda today, which memorializes the... Published February 19 2008

  • Traveling with Bush in Rwanda

    I traveled with President Bush today during his afternoon activities in Kigali, Rwanda. \ \ \ You... Published February 19 2008

  • More on Geldof

    We are with President Bush in Accra, Ghana, now.\ \ \ Here are some more details on what Bob Geld... Published February 19 2008

  • Bob Geldof in Rwanda gives Bush his props

    KIGALI, Rwanda — Bob Geldof has parachuted into the White House travel pool here in Rwanda,... Published February 19 2008

  • The 'marvelous' African entrepreneur

    DAR ES SALAAM — Say hello to the American dream in Tanzania.\ \ \ \ \ \ Her name is Flotea... Published February 18 2008

  • Africans on Obama: "America has changed"

    Over the last two days, I asked various Tanzinians who I interacted with about Sen. Barack Obama'... Published February 18 2008

  • The private/public aid equation in Africa

    DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania — As the world tries to grapple with decades of failed attempts to a... Published February 18 2008

  • Bush calls Kofi Annan

    President Bush, while in Tanzania today, called former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Anna... Published February 17 2008

  • Staggering percentages

    The U.S. has given hundreds of millions of dollars to Tanzania to fight HIV/AIDS and malaria, but... Published February 17 2008

  • Heat, noise, drums, cheers

    Unfortunately my camera is not functioning right now, so there are no images or video of the scen... Published February 17 2008

  • Throngs and threats

    My final print version story in Sunday's paper is online. It varies from the earlier web piece in... Published February 17 2008

  • President arrives in Tanzania

    My story on President Bush's arrival is up on the Web site.\ \ \ — Jon Ward, White House cor... Published February 16 2008

  • A memorable day in Tanzania

    The boy in the blue shirt is named Issai. He is 9 years old, and lives in a small village in the... Published February 16 2008

  • Some love, some protests, for Bush in Africa

    UPDATE - SAT., FEB. 16 - I couldn't get a picture of the billboards last night, but got one this... Published February 15 2008

  • WH press corps has arrived in Africa

    We touched down in Tanzania just a few minutes ago, and are now in buses headed to the hotel. \ \... Published February 15 2008

  • Condi to visit Kenya

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will visit Kenya during President Bush's upcoming trip to Afr... Published February 14 2008

  • 'It is what it is'

    2:12 p.m.\ \ \ McNamee said he didn't think the lies he has told should influence the perceived c... Published February 13 2008

  • Clemens' hearing resumes

    1:48 p.m.\ \ \ At 1:21 p.m. the committee has resumed the hearing.\ \ \ Staring off is Rep. Davi... Published February 13 2008

  • Oath Hormones, Pt. 3

    12:24 p.m.\ \ \ The committee increasingly appeared hostile to Mr. McNamee, as many of his statem... Published February 13 2008