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Fishwrap Archive: February 2008

  • Oath Hormones, Pt. 2

    10:45 a.m.\ \ \ Rep. Tom Davis, ranking member of the committee, is now speaking. He says it brin... Published February 13 2008

  • Oath Hormones, Pt. 1

    10:20 a.m.\ \ \ Roger Clemens, who was accused in December's "Mitchell Report" of using steroids... Published February 13 2008

  • Oath Hormones

    Roger Clemens, who was accused in December's "Mitchell Report" of using steroids is\0xA0at a hear... Published February 13 2008

  • Thought experiment

    Suppose that Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's current political situations were reversed: \ \... Published February 12 2008

  • Yikes

    President Bush today hosted a celebration of African-American History Month at the White House, b... Published February 12 2008

  • Humorous glossary of Web terms

    If answering an e-mail proves that you are Web competent, perhaps it's time to take a refresher o... Published February 12 2008

  • Candidate crushes

    Valentine's Day has long held ill effects for those lacking in love. But rather than face a dark... Published February 12 2008

  • Is Obama the political Blu-Ray?

    Random thoughts while browsing the DVD aisles:\ \ \ Toshiba versus Sony equals Barack versus Hill... Published February 12 2008

  • Laura Bush cancels trip to tornado-affected states

    First lady Laura Bush's scheduled trip to Kentucky and Arkansas today has been canceled due to in... Published February 12 2008

  • Bush: Lantos a "man of character"

    Here is President Bush's statement about the death today of Rep. Tom Lantos:\ \ \ "Laura and I ar... Published February 11 2008

  • Risk of recession "substantially elevated"

    UPDATE, 4:15 p.m.\ \ \ CBO Director Peter Orszag, in response to this post, said that his office... Published February 11 2008

  • Discovering torture

    A disgruntled New York filmmaker is accusing Discovery Communications of "political censorship."... Published February 8 2008

  • 'The rug saved his life': Stories from the tragedy

    This is G.W. and Paulette Warner, and their two grandchildren, Amber, 19, and Dylan, 14, cleaning... Published February 8 2008

  • Bush tours tornado wreckage sites; photos included

    This is a pool report filed for the working press today by Times White House reporter Jon Ward, w... Published February 8 2008

  • At CPAC, McCain's words count

    What did John McCain tell the hard-core crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference in... Published February 7 2008

  • Injustice in Saudi Arabia

    The Times of London has a stunning story today about an American businesswoman and married mother... Published February 7 2008

  • Bush to tour tornado damage

    President Bush will fly to Tennessee tomorrow to look at the damage caused by tornadoes earlier t... Published February 7 2008

  • Split personalities

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton may be virtual clones of each other when it comes to policy. Sti... Published February 6 2008

  • Mideast leaders wanted U.S. ships to fire on Irani

    Some Middle East leaders wish U.S. naval vessels had fired on Iranian speed boats in the Strait o... Published February 6 2008

  • White House correspondents dinner date set

    The annual White House Correspondents Association dinner will be held Saturday, April 26, the ass... Published February 6 2008