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Fishwrap Archive: January 2008

  • A paparazzi prophecy

    It's about time. As AP reports, "Four paparazzi have been arrested for reckless driving while cha... Published January 17 2008

  • Grading the Bush Middle East Trip

    Before leaving Egypt, I e-mailed some experts on the region to ask them how they thought Presiden... Published January 17 2008

  • We are coming home

    I asked some Middle East experts to grade President Bush's trip, and then I've got some pictures... Published January 16 2008

  • The Saudi blogosphere

    My story on Saudi blogs, "Freedom agenda confronts Saudi reality," is up on the site this morning... Published January 15 2008

  • Chop chop

    I forgot to mention this: another slice of life in Saudi Arabia.\ \ \ From the Agence France Pres... Published January 15 2008

  • No ads for "Hillary: The Movie" premiere

    When liberals like Michael Moore and Al Gore make documentaries, they're on Leno, Letterman, Opra... Published January 14 2008

  • Video: Cowboy fan says, "Leave Tony Romo alone!"

    Few things warm the heart of a Redskins fan more than the sight of a Cowboys fan crying:\ \ \ \ \... Published January 14 2008

  • Bush touches down in freezing Riyadh

    RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA — Air Force one touched down around 4:25 p.m. local time (8:25 Eastern... Published January 14 2008

  • Monday morning quarterbacking on Bush's speech

    The White House said President Bush's speech yesterday in Abu Dhabi was the centerpiece address o... Published January 14 2008

  • Good morning Riyadh

    The White House press corps touched down in Saudi Arabia just before 10 a.m. local, which was 2 a... Published January 14 2008

  • Video: Russert vs. Hillary

    UPDATE 2:25 p.m.:\ \ \ Here's Hillary saying Obama's record on the Iraq war is "fair game":\ \ \ ... Published January 13 2008

  • POTUS arrives in Abu Dhabi

    President Bush (President of the United States, or POTUS) arrived in the United Arab Emirates tod... Published January 13 2008

  • What day is it, and where am I?

    Today was the second long, long day in a row in the White House press corps accompanying Presiden... Published January 12 2008

  • Israel on his mind; a street poster not mincing wo

    KUWAIT CITY, KUWAIT — We've left Jerusalem, but until President Bush speaks to U.S. troops... Published January 11 2008

  • Pessimism in the streets of Jerusalem's Old City

    JERUSALEM — After all the speeches and proclamations of the last two days here about the M... Published January 10 2008

  • Bush's moving moment in Bethlehem

    President Bush visited the birthplace of Jesus Christ today, and said afterward it was a "moving... Published January 10 2008

  • Arriving in Ramallah

    The White House press corps bus breezed through two Israeli checkpoints on our way to Ramallah, i... Published January 10 2008

  • Headed to Ramallah

    The press corps boarded buses in Jerusalem early this morning, around 7 a.m., en route for Ramall... Published January 10 2008

  • A midnight scene in Jerusalem

    Below is a picture of CNN's Ed Henry doing a standup report from the rooftop of the Dan Panorama... Published January 9 2008

  • American on Abbas talks: "It's just lunacy"

    It was a long day in the press pool, with several presidential movements that lasted most of the... Published January 9 2008