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Fishwrap Archive: January 2008

  • Inside the press pool in Israel

    The Washington Times accompanied President Bush as he choppered from Ben Gurion International Air... Published January 9 2008

  • Prepping for Bush's arrival in Israel

    The Israeli press is excited about President Bush's trip to Israel, much more so than the America... Published January 9 2008

  • Any other day

    JERUSALEM — On any other day, President Bush's visit to Israel tomorrow would be the lead n... Published January 8 2008

  • Countdown in Dixville Notch

    It's only a matter of hours before the nation's first primary voters emerge — Punxsutawney... Published January 7 2008

  • Bush: Iran still up to no good in Iraq

    UPDATE #2: 10:51 a.m. — The White House just responded to the naval incident.\ \ "We urge th... Published January 7 2008

  • What happens in Dallas ...

    The biggest development in the case of the murders of Amina and Sarah Said since their fugitive f... Published January 7 2008

  • The new al Qaeda video

    John Little at Blogsofwar has links to the video and to a transcript excerpt of the video that ap... Published January 6 2008

  • America's Most Wanted seeks Texas 'honor killing'

    Yaser Abdel Said, accused of murdering his two teenage daughters in Texas, will be featured on Sa... Published January 4 2008

  • Bush's long view

    President Bush has said before that he believes his presidency, which has been mired in low appro... Published January 4 2008

  • So he did watch ...

    President Bush did stay up and watch the Iowa caucuses last night after all, after White House pr... Published January 4 2008

  • Bush to meet financial advisers

    Today President Bush will meet with for the first time a group of top government financial offici... Published January 4 2008

  • Get a piece of the presidential action

    It seems politicians aren't the only ones focused on states that hold a presidential primary or c... Published January 3 2008

  • All-Iowa, all the time

    UPDATE 2:15 a.m.:\ \ \ If this doesn't make you mad, it should:Watching Chris Matthews, I just sa... Published January 3 2008

  • White House yet to fill homeland security vacancy

    Today is the last day for the president's top homeland security advisor, and the White House has... Published January 3 2008

  • Scotland Yard has White House's support in Bhutto

    The White House believes that Scotland Yard will "do an excellent job" investigating the assasina... Published January 2 2008

  • 'Sudden Jihad Syndrome'

    UPDATE 8:15 p.m.:\ \ For hours, bloggers debated whether the murders of two teenage sisters in Te... Published January 2 2008

  • Video: Hillary's final Iowa ad

    A soft, smiling Hillary Rodham Clinton says: "We finally have an opportunity for a new beginning.... Published January 2 2008