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Fishwrap Archive: May 2008

  • House GOP outlines strategy for party's direction

    Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, sent a mem... Published May 20 2008

  • Washington Times roundup

    Our top story looks at how some 40,000 active duty and National Guard troops have been notified t... Published May 20 2008

  • Today's biggest hits

    Our top story this hour looks at how three top Democrats have rejected comments from Sen. Barack... Published May 19 2008

  • News Flash!

    That was the subject header on an email I just received from my dear mother.\ \ \ "In case you mi... Published May 19 2008

  • Top headlines

    Here are today's top stories in the newsroom for Friday, May 16th.\ \ \ In foreign news, two natu... Published May 16 2008

  • Traffic near the Woodrow Wilson Bridge

    The Associated Press wrote the following story about the opening of the second span of the Woodro... Published May 15 2008

  • Today's top stories

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton wins big in West Virginia in yesterday's primary. The New York senato... Published May 14 2008

  • Today's top stories

    At least six bombs exploded in the western Indian city of Jaipur, killing more than 30 people and... Published May 13 2008

  • 'SNL' skit goes after Clinton

    On Feb. 23, the satirical TV show "Saturday Night Live" aired two sketches which buoyed Sen. Hill... Published May 11 2008

  • Today's top stories

    Today's top story in the newsroom is rising gas prices, which have now hit $126 a barrel. \ \ \ A... Published May 9 2008

  • Today's must-reads

    Our top story looks at memos detailing Sen. Hillary Clinton's involvement in the Whitewater scand... Published May 8 2008

  • Today's scoops

    The top story today is the aftermath of yesterday's presidential primaries. Democratic candidate... Published May 7 2008

  • Hagan to battle Dole

    North Carolina state senator Kay Hagan defeated her four Democratic rivals to secure her party's nod during today's primary elections. Published May 6 2008

  • Kennedy lauds Battista's retreat from labor board

    Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Chairman Edward Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, applauded news that Robert Battista, President Bush's pick for chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, was withdrawing his name for consideration by the Senate. Published May 6 2008

  • Judiciary Committee to subpoena Cheney's COS

    A House Judiciary subcommittee today approved a subpoena for David Addington, chief of staff for Vice President Dick Cheney, calling for the aide to testify during a hearing on the Bush administration's rules for interrogation techniques. Published May 6 2008

  • Spotlighting today's site

    The top story we're following today is the primaries in Indiana and North Carolina. Democratic pr... Published May 6 2008

  • Cazayoux to be sworn in tomorrow

    Freshly elected Don Cazayoux, a Louisiana Democrat, will be sworn into his House seat tomorrow af... Published May 5 2008

  • Rahm celebrates Cinco de Mayo en espanol

    Rep. Rham Emanuel, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, today one-upped the competition for C... Published May 5 2008

  • Pelosi calls for action in wake of Burma cyclone

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, today said she was concerned about the Burma gov... Published May 5 2008

  • House GOP wants probe into Milberg Weiss scandal

    House Minority Leader John Boehner, Ohio Republican, and Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican, rank... Published May 2 2008