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Guns Archive: October 2011

  • MILLER: Learning to shoot a gun

    At the same time as I trudge through the Washington, D.C. bureaucracy in my attempt to get a legal handgun for self defense, I need to learn how to safely operate and shoot a gun. Published October 31 2011

  • MILLER: Herman Cain on the Second Amendment and ‘Emily Gets Her Gun’ series

    Herman Cain is a gun owner and strong supporter of the right to keep and bear arms. I plan to ask all the GOP presidential candidates about their commitment to the issue for my series, "Emily Gets Her Gun," but here's what the front-runner in both of the most recent polls from CBS/New York Times and Fox News had to say. Published October 28 2011

  • MILLER: Who’s eligible for a gun in D.C.?

    The right to keep and bear arms only applies to certain people in the nation's capital. One of the 17 steps that I still have in order to register a gun in Washington, D.C. is filing out a “Statement of Eligibility”. The form contains 10 yes-or-no questions intended to weed out those ineligible to legally have a gun in the city. Published October 17 2011

  • MILLER: Steps to gun ownership in D.C.

    My quest to get a legal handgun in Washington, D.C. feels daunting. I’ve been overwhelmed by all that is required before I can take legal possession of a purchased gun. I needed to get organized, so I made a checklist of the required steps, bringing order to the complicated mess of instructions given by the city. I’m going to work my way down this list: Published October 14 2011

  • MILLER: D.C.’s only gun source

    You can’t just go out and legally buy a gun in the nation’s capital. And if you buy a gun out-of-state or on the Internet, you can’t ship it to yourself the city or drive it over the Potomac river. In the 21-page packet of papers given to potential gun owners from the Firearm Registration Section, there is not a single word to explain how to bring a purchased gun into the city after registering it. The one clue the police will provide is a Xerox copy of Charles Sykes’s business card stapled to the registration form. Published October 11 2011

  • Emily Miller interviewed by NRA News

    Senior Editor Emily Miller was interviewed by NRA News about The Washington Times' series "Emily Gets Her Gun." Published October 10 2011

  • MILLER: Inside D.C.'s gun registry

    The D.C. Gun Registry office is not where you go for help getting a legal gun; it’s where you go to get more confused by bureaucracy. Published October 6 2011

  • MILLER: Emily gets her gun

    “Emily gets her gun” is a new series following senior editor Emily Miller as she legally tries to get her hands on a gun in the nation’s capital. You can also follow her live tweets from inside the city bureaucracy at Twitter.com/EmilyMiller. Published October 5 2011