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Guns Archive: April 2012

  • MILLER: D.C.'s newest shooter

    I took District Council Chairman Kwame Brown shooting for the first time. Read the story of our trip to the range, days before a vote to make it easier to get a legal gun in Washington. Published April 16 2012

  • MILLER: Have gun, will travel

    Law-abiding gun owners can run into serious trouble when on the move. Venturing into firearm-unfriendly states creates confusion about what individuals need to do to abide by a confusing maze of regulations. Congress should act to prevent honest citizens from winding up behind bars because police are misinformed. Published April 15 2012

  • VIDEO: Emily Miller on NRA News (April 2012)

    Senior Editor Emily Miller was interviewed by NRA News about her investigation into the gun transport laws in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. Cam Edwards is the host of the radio show "Cam and Company." The video of the interview is below: Published April 9 2012

  • MILLER: D.C. resists correcting gun laws

    Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has had two weeks to remove false information about the city’s gun transport laws from its forms and website. It has no interest in doing so. With the D.C primary election taking place on Tuesday, it’s important to know how the City Council will use its oversight powers to force a correction. Published April 2 2012