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Guns Archive: August 2012

  • MILLER: Gun training

    Illinois is the only state in the country that denies all rights to carry arms. When I arrived there this week, however, I felt like I was free compared to the District. To get better at shooting, I took a ladies self-defense training course taught by Rob Pincus at the Winchester Company in the Prairie State. Published August 22 2012

  • MILLER: Flying with a gun

    I took my gun on a airplane for the first time, and it was much easier than getting it across town in Washington, D.C. The most difficult part of the process on Sunday was figuring out how to legally transport my firearm from my home in the District to Reagan National Airport in Virginia. The rest was -- surprisingly -- a breeze. Published August 19 2012

  • MILLER: Body blocking bullets

    An unarmed security guard thwarted a gunman in Washington on Wednesday using nothing but his body - and that’s just what D.C. officials want. Mayor Vincent C. Gray cited Leonardo Johnson’s being shot in the arm while protecting coworkers at the Family Research Council as proof the capital city’s restrictive gun laws are effective. It’s dangerous to think unarmed guards are always going to be able to protect the innocent from determined criminals. Published August 17 2012

  • MILLER: Dick Heller on the Family Research Council shooting

    The Wednesday shooting of an unarmed security guard at the Family Research Council put the debate over the right to bear arms in the District of Columbia into the spotlight.I was interested to hear what D.C.’s most famous security guard, Dick Heller, thought of how the event could have been prevented and his take on the mayor’s comments about the city’s gun laws. Published August 17 2012

  • MILLER: Q&A on D.C.'s gun laws

    The shooting at the Family Research Council in Washington on Wednesday raised many questions about the guns laws in the District of Columbia. As people continued to tweet me questions, I decided to answer them all in one post. Published August 15 2012

  • MILLER: Exploiting gun tragedies

    Gun-control advocates have no shame. Before the bodies are buried or families have grieved, political opportunists exploit the tragic murder of innocent people to advance their cases. New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg uses his taxpayer-funded staff to jump all over a shooting anywhere in the country as a hook to call for more restrictions on Second Amendment rights. Published August 13 2012

  • MILLER: DC mayor protests billboard for gun-safety class

    Washington politicians are so anti-gun that they oppose a mere photo of a paper target. With D.C.’s gun-grabber laws under fire and pressure rising to allow concealed carry, the city’s liberal political establishment is panicking. Published August 9 2012

  • MILLER: When only criminals have guns

    In the nation’s capital, it’s a fair question to ask: Who gets the better deal, innocent citizens who want to own a gun, or dangerous criminals? The District’s deliberate policy of releasing criminals back onto the streets shows the liberal city council’s answer has little to do with public safety. Published August 9 2012

  • MILLER: Second Amendment at risk in second term

    Democrats just couldn’t hold it together. With less than 100 days to go before the election, the left let slip its vision of a second term for President Obama that will be the end for the Second Amendment. Published August 9 2012