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Guns Archive: January 2012

  • MILLER: My testimony at D.C. city council (VIDEO)

    I testified on Monday before the District of Columbia Council’s Judiciary Committee about my experiences and reporting on the gun registration process in the city. Below is the video of my oral testimony, followed by the extensive grilling I got from the committee’s chairman, Phil Mendelson, Democrat At-Large. The text of my statement is below the video. Published January 31 2012

  • MILLER: Applying to register a gun in D.C.

    While my new gun was being transferred to the District from Virginia, I returned to D.C.’s Gun Registry Office to turn in my registration application. As you will see in what follows, this should have been simple step, but it took all day. Like everything else in my effort to get a legal handgun in this city has been far more complicated and time-consuming that it needed to be. Published January 27 2012

  • MILLER: I will testify before D.C. city council about guns

    Through the course of writing this series on getting a firearm legally, I’ve become all too familiar with the ins and outs of the registration process in Washington, D.C. Now I will have the opportunity to share my experiences, complaints and suggestions with the local lawmakers who have the power to change these regulations. I will be testifying before the D.C. city council’s Judiciary Committee on Monday, Jan. 30. Published January 26 2012

  • Emily Miller interviewed by Newschannel 8

    Senior Editor Emily Miller was interviewed by Washington, D.C.'s Newschannel 8 about her pursuit to purchase a legal handgun in the District. The video of the interview is below: Published January 26 2012

  • MILLER: Transferring a gun into D.C.

    I bought my new 9mm Sig Sauer from a dealer in Virginia and needed to get it to the District. When it comes to firearms, a distance of 70 miles might as well be thousands of miles across international borders. Published January 24 2012

  • MILLER: I bought a gun, but...

    After days of calls, emails, tweets, comments and posts, I finally bought the exact gun I wanted, the two-tone version of the Sig Sauer P229 9mm. I’m so excited, I want to shoot my new purchase, but in the nation’s capital, it's not that simple. Buying a gun doesn’t mean you get to have the gun. Published January 23 2012

  • MILLER: Why I still haven’t bought a gun in D.C.

    After careful consideration, I decided on buying the Sig Sauer P229 two-tone. I knew I wanted a full-size 9mm that I could handle well and that felt comfortable in my hands. But after endless searching, I can't find one that is legal to register in the District of Columbia. I've hit a wall in my effort to get a legal handgun in Washington. Published January 17 2012

  • MILLER: Getting a gun in Virginia

    I’ve been working to buy a gun in Washington, D.C. since October. Yet, one short bridge span away, you can get a legal firearm shipped overnight. Published January 11 2012

  • MILLER: Making guns near D.C.

    The District of Columbia lawmakers make it as hard as possible for law-abiding citizens to own guns. So I was quite amazed to learn that Beretta USA's factory is just thirty minutes outside the city. Recently, the company invited me to visit them to observe the manufacturing process and shoot some of their guns. Published January 6 2012