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Guns Archive: July 2012

  • MILLER: Banning "high-capacity" magazines

    Gun grabbers wasted no time exploiting Friday’s shooting in Aurora, Colo., by calling for more restrictive firearm laws. Their liberal agenda is off target because, with U.S. gun ownership at its highest level ever, the public sees crime is way down. This blows a hole in the left’s argument, but it doesn’t stop it. Published July 30 2012

  • MILLER: Dispelling gun myths

    There is evil in the world, and the face of it was seen Monday when James Holmes made his first court appearance since he allegedly killed 12 innocent people at a showing of the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colo. As he sat with demonic-looking dyed-orange hair and bizarre facial expressions, it was hard to conceive of any law that could thwart such a maniac intent on mass murder. Published July 30 2012

  • MILLER: Prince George’s public gun offenders registry misdirected

    Lawmakers in Prince George’s County, Md. hate guns so much they want to brand anyone convicted of violating one of the state’s convoluted firearm statutes. Stab someone with a knife, and the county won’t care or take notice of you after you serve your time. Sell a handgun that’s not on the state’s list of approved firearms, and the Washington suburb will mark you as a criminal and hold you up to public ridicule. Published July 30 2012

  • MILLER: The new guide to getting a gun in D.C.

    One of my goals over the last nine months writing this series, “Emily Gets Her Gun”, was to help other Washingtonians become gun owners as easily as possible. I went through the registration ordeal without taking any shortcuts or using insider information so that I could find every bump in the road or dead end. So here is my guide on how to get a gun in D.C.. The steps are listed in the order I think is quickest, followed by a list of more detailed tips. Published July 12 2012

  • MILLER: D.C. visitors won't get criminal record for unregistered guns, ammo

    The Washington Times has confirmed that D.C. city council Chairman Phil Mendelson will introduce a bill this week to partially decriminalize possession of unregistered firearms and ammunition for nonresidents. His legislation will allow those arrested in the District on firearms charges to choose administrative disposition of the charge, which means paying a fine and not getting a criminal record. This change will affect quite a few people, especially tourists to the nation's capital and military passing through the city. Published July 11 2012

  • MILLER: D.C. arrests vet for unregistered ammunition (part 2)

    Former Army Specialist Adam Meckler was arrested in Washington last year for possessing ordinary self-defense ammunition -- without a gun. To avoid the legal expense and time, he felt he had no choice but to plead guilty. He now wants to find a way to clear his record. Mostly, the veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq wants others to learn from his experience so they don’t have their own records ruined by the District’s senseless firearms law. Published July 6 2012

  • MILLER: D.C. arrests vet for unregistered ammunition (part 1)

    Washington, D.C.'s restrictive gun laws are being used to persecute soldiers. The pattern is disturbing, as what follows is the third case I’ve uncovered of a veteran being unfairly prosecuted under laws that should not be on the books. In September 2011, former Army Specialist Adam Meckler was arrested at the VFW in the District because he happened to have a few long-forgotten rounds of ordinary ammunition in his bag. The veteran of both the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was jailed and later accepted a plea deal, which he now regrets. Published July 1 2012