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Guns Archive: November 2012

  • MILLER: Kim Rhode’s guns

    Olympic skeet shooter Kim Rhode has a bigger reason that most spend time picking out the perfect gun. Mrs. Rhode made history in London this summer by becoming the first U.S. athlete to medal in an individual sport in five consecutive Olympics. She is very enthusiastic about her firearm collection. Published November 28 2012

  • MILLER: Crimes of gun-grabbing mayors

    Mike Bloomberg is on a mission to take away everyone’s guns. New York City’s billionaire mayor has bankrolled a coalition of municipal chiefs from coast to coast who tirelessly lobby for new laws restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners. The irony is that many in his coalition of pedophiles, embezzlers, wife beaters, cheaters and violent thugs are no longer eligible to legally own a gun. Published November 25 2012

  • MILLER: Donald Trump's guns

    Donald Trump will admit that he has a concealed carry permit in New York City, but he doesn’t like to go into detail bout what guns he owns. Until now. Published November 14 2012

  • MILLER: Guns blazing since election

    President Obama’s re-election has sent Americans running to the gun stores. Sales of firearms and ammunition are way up in reaction to Mr. Obama saying during the debates he wants to ban everything from “cheap handguns” to common hunting rifles with scary-looking features. Published November 14 2012