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Inauguration Blog Archive: January 2009

  • Standing ovation

    Another standing o from some on "we will defeat you" - this time Bush stood Published January 20 2009

  • Warren dodges gay marriage

    The Rev. Rick Warren, pastor of California's Saddleback Church, heralded the nation's peaceful transfer of power and the landmark inauguration of its first black president Tuesday, but dodged the issue of gay marriage in his presidential invocation. Published January 20 2009

  • View from atop

    Inauguration ceremony about to begin. Published January 20 2009

  • Boos for Bush

    Loud boos could be heard coming from the Mall when President Bush was announced at 11:36. Published January 20 2009

  • Mrs. Obama's swearing-in suit made by Cuban-American

    Michelle Obama is wearing an Isabel Toledo ensemble to her husband's swearing-In ceremony and today's inaugural parade. Published January 20 2009

  • Loud cheer for Obama-Bush motorcade

    A loud cheer went up from the millions on the National Mall at 10:41 a.m., as they saw what was presumably the motorcade carrying President Bush and President-elect Barack Obama heading down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to the Capitol. Published January 20 2009

  • Inaugural committee asks for your photos

    The inaugural committee is urging folks to send photos of their experience at the swearing-in today. Published January 20 2009

  • 'Teeth You Can Believe In'

    Published January 20 2009

  • Code Pink sits up front

    You know things have changed in Washington when Code Pink gets seats up front at the inauguration. Published January 20 2009

  • Boys choir kicks off events

    And we've begun. Published January 20 2009

  • Watching a dream she never dared to have

    Miss Savannah plans to spend this frigid day in her snug apartment, surrounded by friends and watching the inaugural festivities on television. Published January 20 2009

  • Jamie Lee Curtis at the Capitol

    The Hollywood stars are out. Published January 20 2009

  • Ready for anything

    Ten Army trucks hauling what looked like small howitzers drew the attention of hundreds walking up Pennsylvania Avenue east of the Capitol, as did a passing truck emblazoned with the words "Mass Casualty Unit." Soldiers in fatigues, some carrying automatic weapons, stood guard all along the roads leading to the spot where President-elect Barack Obama will be sworn in at noon. Published January 20 2009

  • Star alert! Halle Berry

    Academy Award winner spotted on way to inauguration. Published January 20 2009

  • Obama officially "The One"

    The license plates on President-elect Obama's limo were changed overnight. Published January 20 2009

  • Trying to catch a glimpse

    The streets around the White House were heavily barricaded with Humvees blocking those that were for official access and two Metro buses parked in front of north-south routes that are totally closed to all access. Published January 20 2009

  • Gibb: Obama to call for 'era of responsibility'

    Incoming White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday morning that President-elect Barack Obama will call today for an "era of responsibility" after he is sworn in to the presidency. Published January 20 2009

  • Subway trains getting full

    UPDATED: At 6:15 a.m., Red Line Metro trains heading from Silver Spring are already packed as they get close to downtown. Published January 20 2009

  • D.C. stars mingle with Hollywood stars

    The Huffington Post party is a hot ticket. Published January 20 2009

  • Obama team: Stream ceremony online

    Inaugural committee touts its live Web stream in new email. Published January 19 2009