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Inauguration Blog Archive: January 2009

  • Star-spotting

    Hollywood invaded Cafe Milano on Monday night, where The Washington Times caught up with some of the famous faces experiencing their first inauguration in person. Published January 19 2009

  • Cheney to attend in wheelchair

    Vice President Cheney will attend Tuesday's inauguration ceremony in a wheelchair, after pulling a muscle in his back on Monday while moving boxes. Published January 19 2009

  • Obama staffers turn to Gmail on Inauguration Day

    Obama transition staff who are headed to the White House tomorrow have created special e-mail addresses using Google's free Gmail accounts to work around the fact that their transition e-mails will go dark at 11 a.m. Tuesday. Published January 19 2009

  • Biden-gate - already?

    It's Gaffe No. 1 for Vice-President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill. Published January 19 2009

  • Following Obama from town to town

    In Philadelphia on Saturday, Barack Obama told the crowd, "I will not be traveling alone ... I will be taking you with me." For one teenager from Trinidad and Tobago, it was - literally - an invitation. Published January 19 2009

  • Obama at the Sasha Bruce House

    It was a much smaller crowd than the one gathered Sunday for the inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial, but the dozens of people awaiting an appearance of Barack Obama in front of the Sasha Bruce House for youth in Northeast Monday morning seemed just as elated. Published January 19 2009

  • Where to sleep, eat and be on time?

    With the possibility of an all-time record crowd attending the inauguration, ticket holders are worried of just making it on time. Published January 19 2009

  • Obama gets D.C. tour

    On his way to visit troops and to his service project on Monday, President-election Barack Obama got a tour of some of his new home city's rougher neighborhoods. Published January 19 2009

  • HBO cuts out Bishop Robinson

    Why did HBO cut out Sunday's invocation by a gay bishop? Published January 19 2009

  • French Embassy inaugural party

    The good times were rolling at the French Embassy last night where TWT caught up with honorary Frenchman New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Published January 19 2009

  • Inaugural parade floats tie up traffic

    Drivers heading into the District mid-morning got backed up on Route 50 westbound. The commotion? Not an accident or official motorcade but something FUN: Inaugural parade floats, about 10 of them with a massive police escort that tied up intersections and blocked the right lane. Published January 19 2009

  • Tinseltown to Obama: You're not alone

    Those of you who weren't lucky enough to score tickets to one of the A-list inaugural balls Tuesday but are still craving that celebrity fix: You're in luck. Well, sort of. Published January 19 2009

  • RFK volunteers pumped up about Obama

    D.C. residents doing volunteer work on MLK day are thrilled to be here. Published January 19 2009

  • Obama visits Walter Reed

    President-elect Barack Obama visited Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Monday morning. Published January 19 2009

  • Bush says goodbye to world leaders

    President makes calls today on his last day as commander-in-chief. Published January 19 2009

  • Goodies for the rich and famous

    Tiffany jewelry and iPods engraved with "Obama inauguration" anyone? Published January 19 2009

  • U2 serenades Obama, gives Biden shout-out

    Video from the Inaugural Concert at the Lincoln Memorial. Published January 19 2009

  • Bush goes out! (And Hanks can't get in a party)

    The president may have been spurred to take to the streets by all the throngs in town for Obama. Published January 18 2009

  • Tip to stay warm on cold days

    Inaugural events call for a lot of walking in the cold, but with the right attire and know-how, visitors will enjoy their time in D.C. more comfy and cozy outside. Published January 18 2009

  • And down at Union Station . . .

    The taxi queue at Union Station got longer and longer Sunday as more trains arrived, but people were in good spirits despite the wait. Published January 18 2009