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Inside Outside Archive: October 2008

  • Beware of what animal rights group is planning

    Whenever we hunters and fishermen feel a little down and don't have a lot to be cheerful about, here comes PETA and delivers a comedy routine worthy of any night club in Las Vegas. Published October 29 2008

  • Anti-fishing segments hope to defy president

    Anti-recreational fishing segments in the U.S. seek to ban fun angling in pending Pacific Ocean Marine Protective Areas. Published October 26 2008

  • Emotion overrules science in wolf case

    What happens when a judge allows emotion to overrule sound science? Published October 14 2008

  • More on Maryland's cougars

    The director of the Eastern Puma Research Network, John A. Lutz, takes issue with our late September blog concerning the lack of proof that mountain lions exist in Maryland. Published October 12 2008

  • This Carolinian is the ultimate outdoorsman

    Don't bet the rent on your outdoor skills just yet because the man from Marion, N.C., Paul Thompson, has shown that over the past three years he's been impossible to beat. Published October 6 2008