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Inside Outside Archive: April 2009

  • Bears dont live only in wild places

    If you believe that bears – black bears, in particular – hang around only in quiet backwoods mountain places, think again. A wild black bear, not an escaped zoo or circus specimen, was recently captured near Centreville, a fairly populated area of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Published April 27 2009

  • Inside Outside Celebrates Earth Day

    Who says that Earth Day should catch the attention of Americans for only 24 hours every year? I celebrate our beautiful planet every day. Newcomers to this event ought to think about this. Published April 24 2009

  • Waterfowl hunters are the big spenders

      A report by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service shows the impressive contribution to the U.S. economy made by waterfowl hunters. But to an old hunter like me, this comes as no surprise.   Published April 19 2009

  • Alarming decline of U.S. bird species

    An alarming decline of bird populations in the U.S.  is causing great concern among wildlife officials at the U.S. Department of the Interior, as well as conservation and birders' groups.   What's happening to U.S. bird populations?   Published April 15 2009

  • Pattycake punishment for serious fishing crimes

    Three men, illegal nets and 385 pounds of striped bass amount to about $1,100 in fines and a few days in jail. Published April 6 2009

  • Arkansas now has northern snakehead problems

    Maryland and Virginia fishery managers no longer are the only ones to face a potentially harmful critter that was discovered in the Potomac River in 2002 -- the northern snakehead that is supposed to be at home in China, not in the U.S. Published April 1 2009