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Inside Outside Archive: May 2009

  • How good is current crop of boat names?

    Is the name on the back of recreational boats a good indicator of being very imaginative? Could be, but some are rather boring. Published May 29 2009

  • High fuel prices will again crimp fishing trips

    A year ago, gasoline cost $4 per gallon, give or take a few pennies, then the price fell and gas dropped to below $2 per gallon. Now it's happening again. Published May 22 2009

  • Montel Williams, wildlife manager? Hardly.

    A TV talk show host has appointed himself a wildlife manager and he's asking the Maryland governor to stop removal of non-native mute swans. Published May 19 2009

  • Is ethanol harmful to boat motors?

    The largest recreational boat owners group in the land, BoatUS, is sounding the alarm along with the National Marine Manufacturers Association about the possibly harmful effects of raising the ethanol content in gasoline from 10 percent to 15 percent. Published May 14 2009

  • Please, leave young wildlife alone

    It's spring and in the countryside, even in suburban backyards, the sight of a newly-born or young fawn, rabbit, squirrel, raccoon or songbird is not unusual. Whatever your feelings are, please leave them be. Don't try to help. Published May 7 2009

  • Real justice at last for rockfish scofflaws

    The illegal catching and selling of striped bass in the Chesapeake Bay is not a recent phenomenon; it has been going on for decades. The lawmen even nab the fish thieves now and then, but local judges all too often dole out small fines and only rarely send anybody to the hoosegow for more than a few days. All that changed recently when the federal government got involved. Published May 4 2009