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Inside Outside Archive: November 2009

  • About those Virginia fish consumption advisories

    The state of Virginia has sent out fish consumption advisories, asking that pregnant women or children do not consume certain freshwater fish. But no one said anything about what is being done to clean up the potential dangers found in our waters. Published November 26 2009

  • Lead fishing tackle ban in the news once again

    Years ago, a warning went out that lead fishing tackle – sinkers, especially – were killing loons that ingested some of the lead that was lost by anglers. But was it just one more unsupported wacky move by the “politically correct?” Published November 19 2009

  • California fishing restrictions set stage for other states

    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed a task force to deal with the health of its portions of the Pacific Ocean and now vast areas of the state’s South Coast might be closed to public access. Is this the way of the future for all of us? Published November 12 2009

  • The urge to cheat can be overpowering for some

    It recently happened in a photography contest and when money is involved it’s been known to tempt fishermen. The urge to cheat is overpowering for some. Published November 7 2009