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Inside Outside Archive: October 2009

  • Some states are fascinated by black bears

    Why is it that small middle Atlantic states are so smitten by black bears? They are, after all, not nearly in the same league as larger states where wild bruins are part of the landscape. Published October 30 2009

  • Poor economy shuts down some fishing tournaments

    The Redfish Cup, conducted by a for-profit tournament group, is biting the dust. Current poor economic conditions are blamed. Published October 23 2009

  • A tip of the hat to the Pennsylvania Game Commission

    Budget cuts in 2005 forced the Pennsylvania Game Commission to stop providing schools with free subscriptions of its popular Game News publication, but now they’re back in schools and libraries in the Keystone State. Published October 17 2009

  • Is courtesy on water and in woods a thing of the past?

    The behavior of boating anglers, shoreline fishermen, and even hunters, at times makes me wonder if good and courteous behavior is no longer a desirable practice. Published October 12 2009

  • Compared to Texas, our hunting is mild

    Read a list of all the activities available to hunters in the Lone Star State and you'll practically feel deprived if you live in our neck of the woods, Maryland and Virginia. Published October 5 2009