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Inside Politics Archive: September 2010

  • Who won the California debate?

    The general consensus after Tuesday's California gubernatorial debate was both candidates performed as expected. Democrat Jerry Brown was smoother and more comfortable behind the mike; Republican Meg Whitman was a bit stiff, but may have won over some voters simply by exceeding expectations. Published September 29 2010

  • E-mails released by Ehrlich heat up Md. governor's race

    The Republican candidate for Maryland governor, Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., is accused the administration of Democratic incumbent Gov. Martin O'Malley, of interfering with the state Labor Department for political gain. Published September 28 2010

  • Rubio airs ad in Spanish

    No habla espanol? Then you'll have trouble understanding Senate candidate Marco Rubio's latest campaign ad, a Spanish-language spot aimed at the state's immense — and politically active — Hispanic population. Published September 27 2010

  • Tagging the 'appointed' Sen. Bennet

    Colorado's junior senator has a new first name: It's "Appointed," as in "Appointed Sen. Michael Bennet." Published September 27 2010

  • Ex-Rep. Wexler backs Crist

    Struggling Senate candidate Charlie Crist of Florida has received a campaign boost with the endorsement of former Democratic Rep. Robert Wexler. Published September 27 2010

  • Florida's Grayson compares opponent to Taliban

    Outspoken Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson has continued his harsh attacks on Republican challenger Dan Webster with a new TV ad comparing him to the Taliban. Published September 27 2010

  • Pollsters say 'sloppy,' incomplete polls hurting midterms

    Americans are having a hard time understanding who's winning or losing midterm elections based on polls with wildly varying percentages, often derived from inconsistent or substandard methods of gathering information, Democratic and Republican pollsters said Friday. Published September 24 2010

  • O'Malley asks Obama to stump

    While some Democratic incumbents appear to be distancing themselves from President Obama and his low job-approval rating, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley says he is eagerly awaiting a campaign-trail visit. Published September 24 2010

  • Judge blocks lawsuit request for Crist refunds

    A Florida judge has rejected a lawsuit that could have led to up to $7.5 million in refunds for thousands of contributors to the Senate campaign of Republican-turned-independent Gov. Charlie Crist. Published September 23 2010

  • No hard feelings toward George Allen

    Republican and former Virginia Gov. George F. Allen was a popular and perhaps surprising guest Thursday at a Washington fundraiser sponsored by the Republican Indian Committee for Nikki Haley, the GOP candidate for South Carolina governor. Published September 23 2010

  • O'Donnell camp calls CREW charges 'ridiculous'

    An attorney representing Christine O'Donnell, the outspoken "tea party"-backed Republican Senate candidate from Delaware who has been accused by a government watchdog group of embezzling campaign funds, has called the complaints a "political ploy" by a "headline grabbing left-wing organization." Published September 22 2010

  • Tancredo shaken up but not pulling punches

    Tom Tancredo was shaken up after his motorcycle was hit by a car Sunday, but it hasn't affected his sense of sarcasm. Published September 21 2010

  • RGA runs first ad for GOP Ehrlich in Maryland

    The Republican Governors Association on Tuesday released its first TV ad backing party member Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. in his effort to defeat incumbent Democrat Martin O'Malley in the Maryland gubernatorial race. Published September 21 2010

  • Angle takes slim lead over Reid in Nevada

    A new poll shows the Senate's top Democrat, Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, trails in a close race over Republican Senate challenger Sharron Angle. Published September 21 2010

  • Coons crushes O'Donnell in new Delaware Senate poll

    Embattled Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell of Delaware, who has been hammered by critics and even fellow Republicans for a series of gaffes, trails Democratic nominee Chris Coons by a wide margin, a new poll shows. Published September 21 2010

  • Tea party to spend $1 million to get out the vote

    The Tea Party Patriots said Tuesday the group has received a $1 million commitment for a grant to help grassroots organizations during the midterm elections. Published September 21 2010

  • Angle targets Reid with unemployment numbers

    The release of Nevada's unemployment figures is always an occasion for another blast at Senate Majority Harry Reid, and Monday was no exception. The Sharron Angle campaign issued a statement after the latest figures showed the state's unemployment rate at 14.4 percent, still the highest in the nation, "with no end in sight," as Mrs. Angle put it. Published September 20 2010

  • Nikki Haley coming to Washington

    Republican candidate for governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley is coming to Washington this week for a series of fundraising events. Published September 20 2010

  • Congressional kudos, arrows for Warren

    The White House's announcement Friday that it had tapped Elizabeth Warren to set up its new financial consumer protection bureau was met with a predictable reaction from Capitol Hill: applause from Democrats and scorn from Republicans. Published September 17 2010

  • Johnson surges ahead of Feingold in poll

    A new poll shows that Wisconsin Democrat Sen. Russ Feingold is further slipping behind challenger Ron Johnson in the incumbent's bid for a fourth term in office. Published September 17 2010