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Inside Politics Archive: September 2010

  • Key political analyst moves CT Senate to 'toss up'

    On the same day President Obama travels to Connecticut to stump on behalf of Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, a well-known political handicapper declared the race between the Democrat and Republican Linda McMahon a "toss up." Published September 16 2010

  • Fox News sues Carnahan campaign

    Fox News Network has sued the campaign of Missouri Democratic Sen. candidate Robin Carnahan for allegedly using unauthorized TV footage of newsman Christopher Wallace in a "smear ad" against opponent and GOP Rep. Roy Blunt, according to Bloomberg News. Published September 16 2010

  • Biden: Don't underestimate O'Donnell

    While Christine O'Donnell, the surprise tea party candidate who is now the GOP's nominee for Senate in Delaware, is being treated like a punchline by much of the political and media establishment, one senior Democrat issued a word of warning Wednesday. Published September 16 2010

  • First House Democrat signs petition to repeal health reform act

    Mississippi Rep. Gene Taylor on Wednesday became the first Democratic House member to join 171 House Republicans in signing a petition to repeal the recently passed health care reform act. Published September 15 2010

  • Karl Rove 'wasn't impressed' with O'Donnell

    A lot of "establishment" GOP types could hardly contain their disappointment at the unexpected victory in Delaware Tuesday of tea party candidate Christine O'Donnell, who defeated Rep. Mike Castle in the Republican Senate primary. Published September 15 2010

  • GOP gets behind Rand Paul

    The National Republican Senatorial Committee is running its first ad of the election cycle in Kentucky, where GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul faces state Democratic candidate Attorney General Jack Conway. Published September 14 2010

  • Blumenthal's lead shrinks in Connecticut

    The race to fill retiring Sen. Christopher Dodd's seat in Connecticut is tighter than ever, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll out Tuesday that shows Republican Linda McMahon trailing Democratic Attorney General Richard Blumenthal by six points. Published September 14 2010

  • Eyes are on Delaware

    The GOP primary today in Delaware -- with the potential for a "tea party" victory in largely Democratic region -- has brought an unusual amount of attention to this tiny state in the shadows of Philadelphia, just across the Delaware River. Published September 14 2010

  • Tancredo fighting an uphill battle

    It's not easy being a third-party candidate. Just ask Tom Tancredo Published September 13 2010

  • Sanders: Continuing tax breaks for the wealthy 'dumb'

    Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the longest serving independent in Congress, on Monday hammered the Senate's other independent, Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, for his support for renewing Bush-era tax cuts for high-income wage earners. Published September 13 2010

  • McCain, Palin at odds in Maryland governor's race

    Former GOP presidential candidate John McCain gave his support Monday to fellow party member Robert Ehrlich in his attempt to retake the Maryland governorship. Published September 13 2010

  • Crist touts support for gay rights; Meek cries foul

    Senate candidate Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida has ramped up support for gay rights in an attempt to woo voters away form Democratic nominee Rep. Kendrick B. Meek. Published September 13 2010

  • Reid holds whisker-thin lead over Angle

    A new poll shows Nevada Democratic Sen. Harry Reid holding a slim two-percentage point lead over Republican Senate challenger Sharron Angle. Published September 13 2010

  • Dueling political Web sites aimed at mobilizing voters

    As the Democratic and Republican parties amp up campaign efforts in the final weeks before the much anticipated Nov. 2 midterm elections, party Web masters are busy churning out new online bells and whistles aimed at grabbing the attention of prospective voters. Published September 13 2010

  • Poll: Blunt's lead over Carnahan drops by 3 percentage points

    GOP Rep. Roy Blunt's lead over Democrat Robin Carnahan in Missouri's race for U.S. Senate has dropped by 3 percentage points, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Thursday. Published September 9 2010

  • Boehner has Obama's attention

    President Obama takes several jabs at GOP leader during campaign-style Ohio speech. Published September 8 2010

  • Dem governors: Rick Scott is the "Madoff of Medicare"

    The Democratic Governors Association says its party will hold its own in gubernatorial contests this November. Published September 8 2010

  • Castle goes negative on O'Donnell

    Last week, we reported that Rep. Mike Castle was suddenly taking more seriously his tea-party backed opponent in Delaware's GOP primary for the state's open Senate seat, Published September 7 2010

  • Fiorina leading Boxer in California Senate race

    Carly Fiorina has pulled ahead of Barbara Boxer -- barely -- in the California Senate race, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Tuesday Published September 7 2010

  • GOP's Fiorina leading Boxer in California Senate race

    Carly Fiorina has pulled ahead of Barbara Boxer -- barely -- in the California Senate race, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Tuesday. Published September 7 2010