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Inside Politics Archive: April 2011

  • Boehner: Tax increases 'on the table' in long-term deal

    Saying he's ready to do what it takes to spark movement on long-term deficit reduction, House Speaker John A. Boehner told ABC News on Wednesday he's willing to have tax increases be part of that discussion. Published April 7 2011

  • Lawmakers say Libya gives allies a chance to prove themselves

    Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, a California Republican who was an early supporter of The White House decision to intervene in Libya, has written a letter to President Obama saying that he must now allow the U.S.'s international partners to show they can step up and pull duty as international peacekeepers. Published April 6 2011

  • Floridians souring on governor, poll says

    The number of Florida voters who disapprove of Gov. Rick Scott has more than doubled in two months, with almost half now saying they don't think he's doing a good job, a new poll says. Results of Quinnipiac University survey released Wednesday show that 48 percent of Sunshine State voters disapprove of Scott, compared with a 22 percent disapproval rate in a Quinnipiac from early February. Published April 6 2011

  • Federal shutdown would stop tax audits

    There's at least one government function some taxpayers might not miss in a government shutdown: IRS tax audits. A senior administration official, briefing reporters on potential effects of a shutdown, said "the performance of tax audits will be shut down or suspended for this period." Published April 6 2011

  • McCain to 2012 field: Come clean early

    Sen. John McCain, offering advice to those looking to succeed him as the Republican standard-bearer in 2012, said the GOP's field of White House hopefuls should confront whatever albatrosses are hanging around their necks early. Published April 6 2011

  • Mikulski to Gillibrand: Pay attention to me!

    An impassioned Sen. Barbara Mikulski got testy with fellow Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Wednesday morning when the Maryland Democrat felt she was being ignored while pleading on the Senate floor to head off a government shutdown. Published April 6 2011

  • Lawmaker wants made-in-America U.S. flags

    Rep. Bruce Braley introduced a bill Monday that would require the federal government to purchase only American-made U.S. flags. Published April 4 2011

  • Tea Party Nation: Sen. Scott Brown threw us 'under the bus'

    It may be April Fools' Day, but the leader of Tea Party Nation isn't joking around when he says Sen. Scott Brown has thrown tea partiers "under the bus," a little more than a year after the Massachusetts Republican became the darling of the movement by winning the late Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts. Published April 1 2011