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Inside Politics Archive: August 2011

  • House cancels page program, blames $5 million annual cost

    Citing high costs and limited duties, House Speaker John A. Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Monday they are ending the page program that has seen both successes and its share of controversy. Published August 8 2011

  • Rangel: 'We look like a bunch of clowns'

    Rep. Charles B. Rangel, New York Democrat, said Monday the congressional fight over raising the debt ceiling has seriously damaged the country's standing in the eyes of the world. Published August 8 2011

  • Obama urges action after positive jobs report

    President Obama called on Congress Friday to extend unemployment benefits, create a loan fund for construction jobs and extend payroll tax credits, saying it was time to build on the momentum on better-than-expected employment numbers released earlier in the day. Published August 5 2011

  • Obama to speak at MLK memorial dedication

    President Obama will speak Aug. 28 at the dedication of the memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. on the National Mall, the White House announced Thursday. Published August 4 2011

  • Poll: Voters say throw out entire Congress

    Despite Congress finally agreeing this week on a hard-fought compromise to raise the nation's debt ceiling, most voters still lack confidence in national lawmakers and want to replace them all, a new polls shows. Published August 4 2011

  • Fla. poll: Debt deal didn't help Obama

    President Obama's approval rating is "crashing" in Florida and the debt deal didn't help him, a Quinnipiac University poll showed Thursday. Published August 4 2011

  • A hamburger today for $2.4 trillion tomorrow

    President Obama took his debt team out for burgers at Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, giving new meaning to the "Popeye" character Wimpy's catchphrase "I'd gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today." Published August 3 2011

  • MoveOn.org vows punishment for debt deal

    Saying they are shocked at the debt deal that cleared Congress this week, MoveOn.org vowed retribution as lawmakers go home for a month-long summer vacation. Published August 2 2011

  • Boehner takes a victory lap on dollar-for-dollar pledge

    After scoring a bigger-than-expected victory in Monday's debt-limit vote, House Speaker John A. Boehner took a victory lap Tuesday, crowing that the deal met his chief goal: it matched the debt increase dollar-for-dollar with future spending limits. Published August 2 2011

  • Pa. poll: 52% say Obama doesn't deserve re-election

    Fifty-two percent of voters in the key swing state of Pennsylvania say President Obama doesn't deserve to be re-elected, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday. Published August 2 2011

  • Protesters interrupt House debt debate

    Protesters interrupted the debt-limit debate on the House floor Monday to demand that tax increases be put on the table. Published August 1 2011

  • Vote and go home

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid held out the ultimate carrot to colleagues Monday: approve the debt deal and you get to go home for a month-long vacation. Published August 1 2011