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Inside Politics Archive: December 2011

  • White House stands by Gutman

    The White House reaffirmed its commitment to Israel after its ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, kicked up criticism over the weekend by offering his thoughts about the motivation behind some Muslim anti-Semitism. Published December 5 2011

  • White House correction: Obama likes his digs

    The White House wants you to know that President Obama is not angry about having to living there. Published December 5 2011

  • Oddsmaker says Iowa is Gingrich's to lose

    Paddy Power, an Irish bookmaker, says Newt Gingrich is the favorite to win Iowa's caucuses next month and is running even with Mitt Romney in the overall national race for the Republican presidential nomination. Published December 5 2011

  • Gingrich airs first TV ad in Iowa

    Newt Gingrich is on the air in Iowa, releasing his his first television ad on Monday, roughly four weeks out from caucuses. Published December 5 2011

  • Ethics probe to continue on Jesse Jackson Jr.

    The House Ethics Committee has said it will continue its investigation of Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. regarding his relationship with disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Published December 2 2011

  • Report: Medicare Advantages remains popular among seniors

    Medicare Advantage continues to surge in popularity among seniors and its premiums continue to fall, contradicting Republican predictions that President Obama's health care law would halt the program's recent and rapid expansion. Published December 1 2011

  • House sergeant at arms to retire

    House Sergeant at Arms William "Bill" Livingood has announced he will retire in January after serving 17 years as the chamber's chief law enforcement and protocol officer. Published December 1 2011

  • Boehner: Obama should help Congress replace sequester

    House Speaker John A. Boehner has pressed President Obama to review the automatic spending cuts set to be triggered by last week's failure of the defunct debt-reduction "supercommittee" and to work with Congress to develop a Plan B. Published December 1 2011

  • Barney Frank, fashion guru

    Retiring Democratic Rep. Barney Frank has been called many things during his three decades in Congress. But fashion expert likely isn't one label that comes to mind for most people. Except for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The California Democrat, during her weekly briefing with reporters on Thursday, deviated from her talking points to wax nostalgic for several minutes about Mr. Frank, who announced Monday he won't seek a 17th term next year. When asked about her most memorable moment with the chronically blunt Massachusetts Democrat, Mrs. Pelosi recalled an episode years ago when she wore a new suit to work. "I go to the floor and the first person I run in to is Barney Frank, who said, 'Give it away, don't wear that suit anymore,'" said Mrs. Pelosi while holding back laughter. Later that day she said she received another reprimand from former House Appropriations Democratic leader David Obey for not being diplomatic enough when presenting a bill. "So (I thought), this is really my day: I'm getting fashion advice from Barney Frank and diplomacy advice from Dave Obey," Mrs. Pelosi said amid laughter from the press corps. Published December 1 2011

  • Pelosi: Don't shrink federal workforce

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she would consider "reasonable" Republican suggestions for paying for an extension of the payroll-tax break, but shot down a GOP proposal to offset costs by reducing the federal workforce. Published December 1 2011

  • Romney's first ad in Iowa touts his business experience

    With about a month to go before the Iowa caucuses kick off the nomination process, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney released his first television ad in the Hawkeye State on Thursday, playing up his business background and his campaign pledge to cut federal spending. Published December 1 2011