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Inside Politics Archive: February 2011

  • Wisconsin poll: Gov. Walker would lose rematch

    If Wisconsin were to redo its November 2010 gubernatorial election, Republican Gov. Scott Walker would lose to his Democratic rival Tom Barret, a new poll shows. Published February 28 2011

  • Lawmaker wants last WWI vet honored at Capitol

    A West Virginia congresswoman said she will seek a posthumous honor for Frank Buckles: She wants the body of the last remaining World War I veteran to lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol. Published February 28 2011

  • Voters favor government shutdown until parties agree on spending

    As Republicans and Democrats in Congress haggle over spending cuts, most voters would rather have a partial shutdown of the federal government than see spending continue at current levels, a new polls shows. Published February 28 2011

  • Rep. McHenry: Budget breakthrough 'good deal'

    Rep. Patrick McHenry, appearing on America's Morning News Monday, said the $4 billion concession from Senate Democrats on budget cuts is just the beginning. Published February 28 2011

  • Neither party has edge on budget battle, poll says

    Voters are closely divided on whether Republicans in Congress or Democrats and the White House are doing the better job in the current battle over a new federal budget plan, according to a new poll. Published February 24 2011

  • Bush still to blame for bad economy, poll says

    While voters are questioning how President Obama is handling the economy, most still blame his predecessor for the problems the nation faces, a new poll says. Published February 23 2011

  • Collective bargaining OK with Fla. governor

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott doesn't foresee a battle in his state similar to the one raging in Wisconsin over Gov. Scott Walker's proposed legislation to curtail collective bargaining rights for most state employees. Published February 22 2011

  • Sen. Brown no 'social crusader'

    Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown, an original tea party darling who has broken at times with the conservative movement since winning a special election last year, further distanced himself from the tea party Tuesday by saying "I'm not a social crusader." Published February 22 2011

  • Congresswoman: Senate wrong to take week off

    A freshman House member has some pointed advice for the upper chamber: Cut your vacation short and get back to work. Published February 22 2011

  • Thune to stay put in Senate

    Sen. John Thune said Tuesday he will not seek the Republican presidential nomination this year, making it likely no sitting senator will be part of the GOP's fray. Published February 22 2011

  • Pelosi's constitutional authority

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has submitted her first two bills of the new Congress and she is taking seriously Republicans' new requirement that all bills cite the appropriate constitutional authority that gives lawmakers the power to act. Published February 22 2011

  • Poll: Public loves George but isn't crazy about his holiday

    Americans have an overwhelmingly favorable view of George Washington, but very few consider the first president's birthday as a very important holiday, a new polls shows. Published February 21 2011

  • Democrats say 'Obamacare' is an insult

    The House spending debate has turned to a discussion of whether to defund Democrats' new health care law, and several Republicans have called it "Obamacare" in their House speeches. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Democrat, says that's insulting, and a violation of the House rules. Published February 18 2011

  • Gregg: Obama not leading on deficits and debt

    A member of President Obama's high-profile deficit commission said Wednesday that the White House missed an opportunity to lead the country back onto the path of long-term fiscal health when it rolled out a 2012 budget that did not tackle the popular entitlement programs that are the biggest drivers of federal spending. Published February 16 2011

  • Lawmakers blast Florida governor's rejection of rail money

    Florida's newly minted Republican Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday said he will return $2.4 billion in federal funds for a high-speed rail link between Tampa and Orlando — a move that kills the project and has set off a cacophony of bipartisan complaints from Capitol Hill lawmakers from the Sunshine State. Published February 16 2011

  • Senators want tobacco out of baseball

    Two Democratic senators have asked Major League Baseball and its players union to ban tobacco products on the field, in the dugout and in the locker rooms at MLB venues. Published February 15 2011

  • Sen. Kirk is in candy land

    Sen. Mark Kirk's new seating assignment in the Senate chamber is sweet— literally. Published February 14 2011

  • Ron Paul on Trump: How many elections has he won?

    Rep. Ron Paul, appearing on CNN Monday morning, defended himself against comments made over the weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference by real estate magnate Donald Trump, who is considering a run for the 2012 GOP Republican presidential nomination. "I've won 11 times ... I don't know whether he has earned the right to criticize somebody for not winning an election when I don't know how many elections he's won himself." Published February 14 2011

  • Biden undercuts Senate Democrats' waste message

    Senate Democrats have argued that Congress should focus on cutting waste and removing tax breaks for oil companies rather than tackle major spending cuts, but Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Friday said cuts will have to go deeper than just waste. Published February 11 2011

  • Health care law pushes people out of work

    Republicans were handed a giant gift this week when the director of the Congressional Budget Office testified to Congress that the health care law will actually lead to fewer people working -- presumably meaning that repeal would boost jobs. Published February 11 2011