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Inside Politics Archive: January 2011

  • Senator warns Egyptian leader against seeking re-election

    Sen. Bill Nelson has called on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to not seek re-election this year, saying such a move would help quell the protests and unrest that have gripped the north African nation for days. Published January 31 2011

  • Chicago paper endorses Emanuel for mayor

    The Chicago Sun-Times has endorsed Rahm Emanuel — President Obama‘s former chief of staff — as Chicago mayor, calling him an "adaptive politician" and a "high-minded man." In an editorial posted Sunday night on the newspaper's Web site, the Sun-Times said Emanuel "has the vision, the policies, the management experience, the political sophistication and the sheer force of personality to be a powerfully effective mayor." Published January 31 2011

  • Hands off Egypt, poll says

    With the recent political unrest in Egypt showing no signs of waning, a sizable majority of Americans say the United States should keep its nose out of Egypt’s current problems, a new polls says. The Rasmussen Reports survey shows that only 7 percent of Americans surveyed say the U.S. should help the Egyptian government stay in power. Seventy percent say the U.S. should leave the situation alone, with 23 percent saying they aren’t sure what we should do. Published January 31 2011

  • Tardy senator draws dressing-down

    Back home they were often superstars, governors, or state attorneys general, but here in Washington they are now just freshman senators — a lesson Sen. Richard Blumenthal learned on Monday when he got dressed down by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for being late to preside over the day's session. Published January 31 2011

  • Former Sen. Bayh lands law firm gig

    Former Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana, who retired from the Senate in early January, has taken a job with the law firm McGuireWoods as a partner in its Washington office. Bayh will serve as a strategic advisor to the firm’s most significant domestic and international clients — particularly those whose business goals are impacted by public policy, the actions of Congress, the executive branch or state governments nationwide, the firm announced Monday. Published January 31 2011

  • Democrats release list of targeted GOP seats

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this morning released its list of 25 GOP congressional seats the party thinks it can reclaim in 2012. As part of a campaign called the "Drive to 25," the DCCC will be running radio ads, web ads, automated phone calls, live calls and e-mails those districts this week. Published January 31 2011

  • McCain 'extremely concerned' with Egypt's response to protesters

    Sen. John McCain on Friday called the Egyptian government's crackdown of political demonstrators this week "deeply troubling" and asked President Mubarak to show restraint. Published January 28 2011

  • Illinois lawmakers draft bill to keep Gitmo detainees put

    Two Illinois Republican lawmakers have teamed up on legislation that would bar the use of federal money to move accused terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay to the United States. The bill, sponsored by newly minted Sen. Mark Kirk and two-term Rep. Aaron Schock, also would block the use of federal dollars for any future transfer of new foreign detainees to U.S. soil. Published January 28 2011

  • Santorum gears up for Iowa

    Rick Santorum hasn't made it official yet, but it sure looks like he's making a run for the 21012 Republican presidential nomination. The Des Moines Register just reported this afternoon that the former Pennsylvania senator has hired a couple of key political advisors from Iowa. Published January 28 2011

  • Rubio adds former Cheney staffer

    Freshman Sen. Marco Rubio has named veteran Washington insider Cesar Conda — a former aide to Vice President Dick Cheney and a longtime Capitol Hill staffer— as his chief of staff. Published January 28 2011

  • Last Congress gets a 'C-plus'

    Amid all the talk of most productive Congress in generations, political scientists have come up with a grade for the way the institution operated in 2010 — a "C-plus," or just a slight improvement over 2009's "C" grade. Published January 28 2011

  • Obama not in favor of drug legalization

    Facing a growing movement to legalize the use of marijuana and other drugs, President Obama on Thursday said they should stay illegal but suggested that governments spend more time trying to reduce demand, rather than punishing nonviolent first-time offenders. Published January 27 2011

  • Chaffetz says he was wrong to chide Bachmann

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz has backed off criticism of fellow conservative Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann and her televised rebuttal to President Obama's State of the Union address, saying he was mistaken as to the timing of her event. Published January 27 2011

  • Health care reform loses ground in poll

    Opposition to the Democrats' 2010 health care law ticked upward in January, as Republicans ramped up efforts to repeal the reforms, a new poll says. Yet while the public remains divided on health reform overall, a survey conducted by researchers from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health also showed there is no groundswell of public support for overturning the law that includes many individual components popular across the political spectrum. Published January 27 2011

  • Not everyone loved Obama speech

    So much for Washington's bipartisan love-fest. While Democratic and Republican members of Congress broke tradition and — in an attempt to foster greater civility — sat together for President Obama's State of the Union speech Tuesday night, Rep. Paul Broun was holed up in his office firing off nasty Twitter posts about the president and his speech. Published January 26 2011

  • Obama's John Hancock most popular, poll says

    He's never won an Oscar or scored a game winning World Cup goal, but President Obama has beat out movie stars, professional athletes and other celebrities in a poll ranking the most sought-after autographs. Published January 25 2011

  • Polls shows Romney in GOP lead for 2012

    A new Rasmussen Reports survey of likely Republican primary voters shows that Mitt Romney leads the pack with the support of 24 percent. Sarah Palin, the party’s nominee for vice president in 2008, runs second with 19 percent, closely followed by Mike Huckabee with 17 percent. Published January 24 2011

  • Sanders: Obama erred in pick for jobs panel

    Vermont independent Sen. Bernard Sanders — perhaps the most liberal member of Congress — blasted President Obama on Friday for naming General Electric Co. CEO Jeffrey Immelt to head a new White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Published January 21 2011

  • 59 back mixed-seating idea

    Sen. Mark Udall's call for a congressional kumbayah moment at State of the Union address has gained speed over the past week. Published January 21 2011

  • Obama poised for re-election in 2012, poll says

    Since President Obama's party took a self-acknowledged "shellacking" in the November congressional elections, the Democrat has increased his lead over four 2012 Republican White House frontrunners, a new polls shows. Published January 21 2011