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Inside Politics Archive: January 2011

  • GOP signals budget will be SOTU focus

    Republicans said Friday they have tapped House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan to deliver the GOP's official response to President Obama's State of the Union address next week. Published January 21 2011

  • MLK and war

    Amid all the government officials who annually commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy, those with the toughest job are probably in the Defense Department. How do officials whose job is to prepare the country for war handle the legacy of a man who was vehemently anti-war? Published January 20 2011

  • Landrieu, Snowe to sit together at State of the Union

    Democratic Sen. Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana said Thursday she and Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine will sit together during President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday. Published January 20 2011

  • Florida Gov. Scott to public: Tweet me

    Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott, who the media has accused of dodging their questions and limiting reporter access during his first two weeks in office, is bypassing the press and fielding questions directly from the public via the social media website Twitter. Published January 20 2011

  • Brown, Obama in OK shape for re-election, Ohio voters say

    Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown is in "decent" shape to win re-election in 2012, while President Obama faces good but not great prospects for carrying Ohio in two years, according to a new poll. Published January 20 2011

  • NRA to Congress: Don't mess with gun laws

    The NRA has kept a low profile since the Tucson shooting rampage, but has begun to push back at congressional proposals to tighten gun laws, warning lawmakers not to chip away at gun rights. Published January 19 2011

  • Most think Congress doesn’t read what it votes on

    Congress has a reading disorder, according to new voters survey. Published January 19 2011

  • Scott first bald Florida governor in 138 years

    Newly minted Florida Gov. Rick Scott is the state's first bald governor since Reconstruction, a new study shows — refuting a previous claim the Republican's hairless dome was a first for the state's top politician. Published January 19 2011

  • How bad it almost was

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday put a figure on how bad the economy would have been without Democrats in control — 16 percent unemployment. Published January 19 2011

  • District pitches a cost cutter to Boehner

    The D.C. government is among the first to offer to help GOP House Speaker John Boehner cut the chamber's office budgets and other government waste. Published January 7 2011

  • Congress messes up Constitution reading

    The House of Representatives managed to muck up reading the Constitution Thursday, dropping 115 words in Articles IV and V during the nearly 90-minute recitation on the House floor. Published January 6 2011

  • The anti-Pelosi vote

    When Rep. Nancy Pelosi lost 19 Democrats on Wednesday's vote to be House speaker, it marked the worst showing for a party's nominee in more than 80 years. Published January 5 2011