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Inside Politics Archive: June 2011

  • Is Bachmann Romney's BFF? Huntsman his Kryptonite?

    University of Virginia political guru Larry Sabato thinks that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's potential BFF in the race for the GOP presidential nomination could be no other than Rep. Michele Bachmann, the hard-charging conservative from Minnesota. Published June 9 2011

  • N.H. GOP Insider: Palin run unlikely

    The vice-chair of Sen. John McCain's 2008 presidential team in New Hampshire told The Washington Times Wednesday that he thinks former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will take a pass on running for president. Published June 8 2011

  • Tea partyers divide over strategy

    The co-founders of one of the largest tea party groups in the nation dismissed a recent claim from a former leader of the group that members of the grass-roots movement will rally behind whoever wins the Republican nomination — "even if that person is former Gov. Mitt Romney." Published June 8 2011

  • Reid won't back Weiner

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid distanced himself from embattled fellow Democratic Rep. Anthony D. Weiner on Tuesday, saying he couldn't defend the New Yorker but stopped short of asking him to resign. Published June 7 2011

  • Club for Growth: 'Serious concerns' over Romney's record

    The influential Club for Growth on Tuesday released its latest rundown of the Republican field of presidential contenders, announcing that the fiscally conservative organization has "serious concerns" with the governing philosophy of GOP front-runner Mitt Romney. Published June 7 2011

  • Pawlenty: Tax reform, balanced-budget amendment will put fiscal house in order

    Republican presidential contender Tim Pawlenty says comprehensive tax reform and a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution are necessary to accelerate economic growth and to get a handle on Washington's "out-of-control spending" habits. Published June 7 2011

  • Conservative gay group calls for Johnson to appear in N.H. debate

    A conservative gay-rights group wants the sponsors of the first Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire to reconsider it decision leave out former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson. Published June 6 2011

  • Senators want stronger sunscreen standards

    Some Senate Democrats are pressing the federal government to adopt new regulations they say are needed to prevent misleading labeling of sunscreen products. Published June 2 2011

  • Paul email hits Romney on gun, abortion stances

    That didn't take long. Right around the time former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was officially announcing his second bid for the White House, Texas Rep. Ron Paul's 2012 camp blasted out an email outlining what they see as Romney's shortcomings. Published June 2 2011

  • C-SPAN2 hits 25-year mark

    Happy anniversary to C-SPAN2, which began live TV coverage of the U.S. Senate 25 years ago Thursday. Published June 2 2011

  • Boehner won't comment on Weiner Twitter photo

    The No. 1 House Republican has refused to enter the fray regarding a lewd photo sent from Democratic Rep Anthony Weiner's Twitter account. Published June 2 2011

  • Boehner: Time is running out on debt limit talks

    House Speaker John A. Boehner on Thursday accused the Obama administration of dragging its feet regarding ongoing deficit reduction talks with congressional leaders, saying the nation's economy could suffer unless a deal is struck soon. Published June 2 2011

  • Palin plays to the crowd: Cross pendant in D.C., Star of David in New York

    Whatever else is said about potential Republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin, there's no question she knows her audiences. Published June 2 2011

  • Conservative website touts Ryan for president

    Conservative groups still are holding out hope that Rep. Paul D. Ryan, House Budget Committee chairman, will join the race to become the GOP's next presidential nominee. Published June 1 2011